• Ask: 3/14/11

    The color green is a harsh mistress. Are you able to pull it off with minimal complexion woes? 

  • Ask: 3/7/11

    Are you able to source your sewing notions, fabric, patterns locally? Or do you find your raw materials online?

  • Ask: 2/28/11

    Do you have a favorite pattern from Colette Patterns? What colors are in your Spring Palette? 

  • Ask: 2/21/11

    Does Hollywood bring enough glamour to the Academy Awards? Whose gown are you looking forward to seeing on the red carpet?

  • Ask: 2/14/11

    Some women swear by their red dresses, while others think they look a bit, well, tarty. What's your take?

  • Ask: 2/7/11

    What do you tend to hoard more of: patterns or fabric? How do you keep your stash under control?

  • Ask: 1/30/2011

    How much inspiration do you get from garments that are off-the-rack? Do other designs factor into your sewing?

  • Ask: 1/24/2011

    How do you feel about blue floral prints? Matronly? Adorable? Can you pull them off? Should anyone pull them off?

  • Ask: 1/17/2011

    Which film romance provides you with the most sewing inspiration? Is there a particular costume you would love to duplicate?

  • Ask: 1/10/11

    Would you ever attempt to sew a "Chanel" suit — complete with the hand-stitching, chains and couture details?