• Ask: 5/23/11

    What's the one type of embellishment technique that you want to learn/give a try?

  • Ask: 5/16/11

    When you think of British fashion, what pops into your mind?

  • Ask: 5/9/11

    Who was/is the style icon of your family? Any tips you learned from them?

  • Ask: 5/2/11

    Forget about sewing for a moment, what is your favorite book from childhood?

  • Ask: 4/25/11

    How do you feel about wearing hats? How far do you go with your hat wearing?

  • Ask: 4/18/2011

    Who are the five television characters that pop into your mind as fashion inspiration?

  • Ask: 4/11/2011

    Do you have a particularly memorable outfit from your own childhood?

  • Ask: 4/4/2011

    Do you religiously wear aprons when in the kitchen, garden or crafting? 

  • Ask: 3/27/11

    At a given time, how many UFOs do you have outstanding? Do you ever go back and finish them?

  • Ask: 3/21/11

    How much of a pattern snob are you? Will you even consider buying patterns that seem hideous but might have potential?