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    Ask: 8/1/2011

    In your opinion, what Western wear items are timeless? Is it something best done vintage?

  • Ask: 7/25/11

    How far is too far when embracing the nautical look? Would you ever wear a middy?

  • Ask: 7/18/11

    In your opinion, who is the Hitchcock "heroine" with the best style? 

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    Ask: 7/11/11

    In your opinion, who is the musician with the best personal style (past or present)?

  • Ask: 7/4/11

    Do you have a favorite American fashion designer from the past or the present?

  • Ask: 6/27/11

    When does a UFO go from being a UFO to "something for the scrap pile?"

  • Ask: 6/20/11

    What's the average lifespan of a garment in your closet? Do you ever refashion clothing?

  • Ask: 6/13/11

    What are your thoughts on black & white as a color combination? Love it? Hate it?

  • Ask: 6/6/11

    Do you ever upcycle linens (pillowcases, sheets, etc…) for your sewing projects? What was your biggest win?

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    Ask: 5/30/11

    How would you describe your perfect summer dress? What's stopping you from making it?