• Ask: 10/10/11

    Is there a musical that pops into your mind as a major fashion inspiration?

  • Ask: 10/3/11

    Are there any elements of Spanish/Hispanic/Latino culture that you particularly love incorporating in your sewing/style?

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    Ask: 9/26/11

    Okay, so do you love or hate the color pink for your own wardrobe? 

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    Ask: 9/19/11

    What are the colors in your Autumn/Fall palette? Are there any colors that's you're trying for the first time?

  • Ask: 9/12/11

    What are the elements of the 1920s and 1930s that you feel are still strongly referenced in today's fashion?

  • Hot!

    Ask: 9/5/11

    Are there any dyeing or fabric painting techniques that you're interested in giving a try?

  • Ask: 8/29/11

    Do you have any special tricks when it comes to sewing with plaids? 

  • Hot!

    Ask: 7/22/11

    How do you feel about the styles of the 1970s? Love them or hate them?

  • Ask: 8/15/11

    How many pieces of fabric in your stash fall into the "oh, I couldn't never use this!" category?

  • Ask: 8/8/11

    In looking through the Sew Weekly archives, is there a particular outfit you'd like to use as inspiration?