Hot! The “Happy” Hats

The Facts
Fabric: 1/2 yard organic fleece from Brooklyn General and wool scraps from last week
Pattern: Woodland Elf hat from Bend the Rules Sewing and Ear Flap hat from Mailorder #4, both by Amy Karol
Year: 2007
Notions: plaid bias tape from Purl Soho, button, scrap of red felted wool, all from stash
First worn: in Germany all this week
Wear again: already have
Time to complete: about an hour and a half per hat
Total cost: about $8 ($4 per hat)

I made the elf hat for Fenna before when she was very small.  She hated it.  A couple years later she changed her mind.  So it goes.  This time I added 1/4 inch to all the edges to make it a little bigger.  Now it’s a bit too big– I can wear it.  Next time I would change the shape to elongate the top and bring it in closer around the face.  I lined it with the same fleece you can see on my hat and stitched in the ditch up the long side seams to keep everything in place.  The bias tape I used to enclose the front edge and for the ties.  The red wool for the flower is actually a scrap from the first elf hat.  I wanted to do similar embellishment on my hat with the same materials, but I finished constructing it five minutes before we left for the airport.

So mine was very hastily put together.  I wasn’t sure how the style would suit me.  I love how ear flap hats look, especially chunky furry ones, but they never look good on me.  This version is relatively sleek and I think it’s a go.  I’d like to make it again with the crown a touch deeper and some other refinements.  Working on these, I remembered how much I enjoy making hats and have vowed to make at least one every season.

Photos were taken right after we missed our train from Emden to Oldenburg to visit the idyllic outdoor Christmas market with friends.  Yes, that is a light dusting of snow on the tracks.  We got there eventually, and I drank too much Gluehwein.  This is my last post and I’m tearing up.  Thank you sincerely for a wonderful year, ladies.  I’ve come a long way and I owe everything to the inspiration, information, and kindness I’ve found here.  Happy New Year!



Lee is a highly educated stay at home mom with a lot of projects. She lives in New York City.


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  1. You two are so cute! :D I love your daughter’s pointy hat especially. :)

  2. Just adorable! Looks like those hats really filled the bill with that chilly weather. Your photographer did an amazing job of capturing your joy despite missing the train. Happy Sewing!

  3. So cute Lee, love the hats, perfect for Winter and your daughter is such a cutie.

    I just want to say thank you for a wonderful year of sewing, it has been so much fun and I really can’t believe it’s over. All the best Lee for 2013. I’ll definitely be popping over to your blog to say hello and to see what you’ll be sewing in 2013.

  4. These are so cute, Lee! I love earflap hats and elfin hats… It’s been great following along on your sewing journey! Have a happy 2013!