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Let’s play Where’s Wally.

Happy holidays indeed, I have a minute to write this post then shoot out the door and road-trip it to Mum and Dad’s for Christmas so, by the time you read it I’ll be lounging around with a belly full of mums most excellent homemade Christmas pudding. This weeks dress was inspired by one of my favourite Australian labels Romance Was Born, I instantly fell in love with their tank dresses. Simple to make with a graphic explosion to the eyes. Look at this |

I thought i’d have a go at making one for myself. I found this smashing graphic print from Australian textile designers Wenzel which I thought would fit the brief perfectly. This is a Spotlight purchase,  they have really lifted their game, their range of fabrics are getting better and better, they must have a new buyer or something it’s always exciting for a fabricholic like me to walk in and see the shiny new stuff laying there for me to stroke and |

The construction was fairly easy, I just cut to my measurements flaring the shoulders a little to look a little like this Hero |

A lovely royal blue low-sheen satin for the back piece adds a bit of contrast, it breaks the graphic up a little don’t you think? Even vertical black and white stripes would look good. With the neckline, I cut a bias strip from the blue satin and sewed this on from the inside turning over and pressing under then sewing down. All seams are serged and the sleeves and hem turned under. Very simple. |I have worn this a lot already it’s really really comfortable, another perfect addition to my Summer wardrobe. I’m on the look-out for other fabrics that can be sewn up into tank dresses. My next dress I’ll do actual sleeves and maybe a rounded hem and wear it with my black army boots on the cooler days.

So there is one more challenge? I’ll see you next week for the finale? what a year hey? I started putting together my final post for the year and got a little melancholic thinking about The End and at the same time I was very excited and proud to see everything I had achieved this year. Anyway, I’ll leave my goodbyes for next weeks post.

Hope you have/had a wonderful and festive Christmas, stay safe xx

Sewn to the soundtrack of Desmond Dekker – Israelites

The Facts

Fabric | Silky Satin

Pattern | Self drafted

Year | 2012

Notions | zero

Time to complete | 2hours

First worn | for the photos

Wear again? yes

Total price |$20



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  1. Kazz, thanks for sharing your unique style with us this year. I’ll be poking my head in to your blog now and then to keep up with your creations! And keep up with mine because there will be a new short story each month (hopefully). Happy New Year!

  2. So glad you were able to post this amazing dress on the Sew Weekly! It’s one of my favorites. Happy New Year of Sewing!

  3. I adore your new do! I saw that you got it cut a few challenges back. I also love this dress. The shape is wonderful and the print is fab. Hope you had an awesome holiday!