Hot! The “Flip Side” Dress

The Facts

Fabric: a couple of meters of pink-and-blue floral craft cotton, $2/meter on sale at Spotlight
Pattern: Butterick 6619
Year: early 1970’s
Notions: bit of interfacing for the collar, and an invisible zip (~$6 on sale at Arthur Toye a while back)
Time to complete: 3.5 hours
First worn: for these photos, on a lovely summer evening walk
Wear again? yep
Total cost: about $10

Yeah, I know the challenge is “winter”. But I’m taking that to mean “it’s the start of the next season, so let’s make something for it”, which down here means “summer”. (Because quite frankly, I really don’t want to make anything wintry at the moment, when we’ve just started summer! Hence the “flip side” dress – the flip side of winter is summer.)

So, for the winter challenge, I present to you – a floral sun dress. Tah-da!

(Admittedly, I will probably wear this in winter with tights, boots, merino layers and a cardigan. Does that make it wintry enough?)

Drake helped me choose the style for this weeks challenge – he wanted fast access to certain areas, so a zip-front dress it was. (And I can confirm that it serves that purpose nicely, far faster than buttons for impatient 11 week old boys.)

It’s got everything I like in summer dresses – no sleeves, a bright floral pattern, and pockets. Yay, pockets!

These photos were taken around 8pm, up by the zoo. I got to pose with paintings of a Sun Bear (for a summer dress, yes!) and a Sumatran Tiger. (They’ve just opened a fancy new enclosure for those two groups of animals at the zoo, hence why there are paintings of them outside.)

(I was going to make this even more summery by eating icecream, but sadly the dairy was closed, so you’ll have to imagine that part.)

(On a side note, I seem to be making a habit of standing next to paintings of felines for these posts. Wonder if I can find another one somewhere next week to continue this tradition…. Hmmm…..)



Kat stumbled upon The Sew Weekly at the end of 2010. Inspired by Mena's creations and dedication to sewing each week, Kat stitched along with all the weekly themes for 2011. Through The Sew Weekly and the girls who contribute to it, she deepened her passion for vintage styles and started amassing a large collection of vintage patterns. Now she needs an excuse to try using them all.


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  1. Great “winter” dress – I know that if I were heading into the heat of summer, the last thing I would feel like sewing would be a heavy winter outfit. I don’t know why more maternity shops don’t sell zip front post-partum dresses, because you do tend to get sick of wearing separates and miss wearing dresses the whole time you’re nursing. (And I have to say once again, I’m impressed that you have your new baby life organized enough to get some sewing done. I was REALLY disorganized for the first 6 months until my baby started sleeping through the night!)

    • Thanks Vicki! :-)

      At the risk of other mothers hating me, we got somewhat lucky as our little guy started sleeping for a good 8-9 hours every night around the 10 week mark. It definitely makes life a lot easier, getting a decent sleep at night! I feel like I’ve been starting to regain my ability to think. ;-)

  2. That sleeping through the night might not last, keep your fingers crossed. I love your dress! It’s so cute, and the zipper in the front is a perfect detail plus it’s functional too. I hope the little guy appreciates it. ;)

    • Eek! I’m just going to put my hands over my ears and pretend you didn’t say that and that he’ll sleep all through the night until he’s old enough to leave home. ;-)

  3. Invisible zipper! LOVE IT, and off to find a pattern of mine that’s similar! xoxo

  4. Ah, I was so tempted to do the ‘invert the seasons’ thing, but I made myself be good (and figured that in Welly, hey, we’re just as likely to need winter clothes in Dec as not). I love the fabric you chose, it just speaks ‘spring!’, and such clever details for a nursing mother.

  5. Awesome Flip Side Kat, invisible zip and pockets!! She’s a winner!