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I was a bit worried about this challenge, as we all know things get very hectic around this time of the year and finding time to remake my favourite garment of the year would probably just stress the hell out of me and I think my fav is a one-off never to be repeated garment so I had to pass and I chose to remake a slightly different version of the The Inbetween Days dress from the Accessories Challenge. I love the way that dress drapes and moves and it’s so damn comfortable, perfect for these 40 degree days we will be experiencing soon. So above is my happy whistling face because this version turned out— in my eyes, fabulously; for the little time I had to sew it, photograph it then blog it, I’m really happy with the outcome. As for choosing a favourite for the year it would have to be the Embellishment Challenge, and I do love my Deanna all over printed Suit made for the Art Challenge. My least favourite would be the Gatsby Dress. | Handmade Galaxy dress

 Dress at full length.

…and you all know by now that when I have little time on my hands i’ll sew a square. This dress is indeed a square but with added features. The Inbetween Days Dress I had placed wide elastic around the arm/neck hole which made entry nice and easy; with this dress I measured the same area and cut to that measurement so when I pop my arm and head through the opening the dress sits and hangs perfectly from my body. It did take some fussing to get this right, I eventually got there in the end. | Handmade Galaxy dress


Every inch of the 2.5 metres of fabric is used in this dress. I folded the fabric in half making a square for the shell of the dress and with the excess strip I had roll hemmed and sewn this to the neck/armhole as a facing which sits on the right side of the fabric so it drapes over my shoulder and down the back. I then folded that piece and sewed two sides together which happened to give the dress a real designer look about it and this all came about by playing around with the drape on the dressmaking dummy. Pinning pieces together seeing how they fell and if it flowed. | Handmade Galaxy dress

 The dress mid length.

I placed a thin strap through the neck/armhole facing at the shoulder to bring in some of the bulk which sat heavy across my front i thought that was a wise decision. I’m going to just say this, this dress makes me feel sexy, the feel of the silky chiffon the way the dress moves when I walk, the colours, everything! | Handmade Galaxy dress

 Above the knee anyone?

I really hope these photos are doing this dress justice, it’s one thing me telling you how it feels and moves but it’s another if you can’t see what I feel. I hope you see that this is light and airy and has movement We all know how hard it is to get a good shot sometimes and you want your photo’s to help tell the story.


 | Handmade Galaxy dressAll that hitching-up was made possible with the placement of two carriers and a long tie to hold it in place and don’t you think this could work as a day to night dress? The long version on the beach with a margarita and the shorter version dancing to Erykah Badu’s- Bump it! in a nightclub?

Over the last two years I’ve become rather fond of drapey fabrics and have discovered how flattering they can be with the right cut, this is a good thing knowing what works for you and what doesn’t. I would pounce on this if it were hanging off a mannequin and I’d be intrigued if it was on a hanger, you would have to ask what it was and how you get into it which would be half the fun, a dress you certainly couldn’t judge on a hanger.

You maybe seeing ‘squares’ from me for the remanding weeks we’ve entered crazy times, work, kids, family, Christmas it’s all go. I need to make myself a superhero cape and get me some Wonder Woman bracelets.

Hope you are all coping with the chaos.




Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. When I saw the title to this in the pending posts I wondered if you were gong to tell us you were pregnant : ) That aside, this is quintessential Kazz!! Love how it drapes, love the colors, love your new painted wood bracelets, you just look SO GOOD. The print reminds me of the sky at sunset and nighttime. I can’t believe our year has come to an end…

    • Ha ha I did wonder that about the title, it’s all about turning up the volume. Thanks so much Loran isn’t the print great? I can’t believe it either I’m starting to get a little sad about it, I think I’ll miss the excitement of a challenge and a deadline. I function best under pressure so next year will be interesting :P

  2. Ooooh, pretty pretty colours! Me likes it! :-)

  3. OMG Loran, when I saw Kazz looking worried / whistful in the thumbnail photo, and I misread the title as “Bump dress” and thought, “ANOTHER sew weekly baby is coming?!”.

    Haha. There. Hopefully we gave Kazz her laugh for the week.

    Kazz: one of these days I’m going to make my way down under and I will order you to show me how all these things are constructed and worn. My brain can’t figure out how you manage to make squares look so hot and cool.

    • ME TOO!! It would have been a nice bit of news this week : ) Let’s get plane tickets and go visit Australia for a week or so!

    • I laughed a lot ladies, hubby has been desexed so there’s a fat chance of that ever happening haha.

      Thanks Vicki, if you and Loran or anyone else for that matter heads down-under drinks will be drunk, loads of sewing of drapey squares will be sewn and a fabric shopping extravaganza will be planned. Sound good?

      It has been an absolute pleasure sewing along with you and all the other girls this year, it’s making me a little sad just thinking about the end.

  4. Another fantastic Kazz creation! The drape is glorious. I like it best at the just-under-the-knee length version, but man do you have fabulous legs!

    • Thanks Leimomi glad you like it, I think that’s my favourite length too. My hubby always says that about my legs, It must of been all the cross country running I did as a kid.

  5. I missed my opportunity to go to Australia when my step-daughter was living there in Wagawaga. I sent my youngest daughter with my husband instead. They had a blast! Anyway, now I want to go and take lessons from you on how to make such imaginative and creative draped garments. Wish you weren’t so far away and the ticket wasn’t so expensive. Instead, I’ll just have to keep up with your blog for any tutorials you might post. I think your year of sewing would make a great coffee table book or a colorful calendar. If you ever make one, I want one.:) Happy Holidays!

    • If you ever get the opportunity to head down-under just holla we’ll have the best time!

      These draped garments have become a favourite of mine. I’m hoping to muck around a little more with the silhouette to see what I can come up with. I do dream sometimes of putting out a line of clothing. Who know’s? Dreams can come true if you work at it.

      The book is a fantastic idea I was thinking of doing one and giving it to my daughter. I think it would make for a nice keepsake. Happy Holidays to you too Barbara have a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful family xx

  6. Loving the print and drape of the fabric! And, your hair is looking really great! I’m traveling and don’t know whether I’ll be able to contribute again, so just in case, congrats on all the lovely pieces you’ve made. You’ve been a real inspiration to me these past 12 months.

    • Thank you Adri, congrats to you too, it has been a fantastic year in sewing and I have enjoyed spending every moment of it in such a supportive and encouraging community. Safe travels and happy holidays x

  7. Thank you so much for taking part in Sew Weekly this year Kazz, I would never have learnt what’s possible with squares…’s totally changed the way I look at fabrics and drape when shopping. I haven’t spread my wings trying to much free form drapery yet but as I say, without watching you, I never would have ventured to the borders of this exiting new land. The colours and comic energy emulating from this wonder are immense…love it.