” The alice in wonderland” Skirt

Inspiration:’Alice and wonderland fabric’ really inspired me to re-do the childhood theme… Pattern: By Hand London:Charlotte. The pattern comes in a sleeved envelope, it is printed in tissue pattern and has a instruction booklet. It has contemporary fashion illustration instead of traditional pattern layout. Pattern skill: beginner /easy Fabric: I was very blessed to be given this in a swap. The fabric belonged to Katie and you can see our sister’s outfit here. I really love sharing fabric with other sewists so we have a little bond over our outfits. Size and alterations: Size 12. I didn’t have enough fabric for the peplum so I cut the pattern once on single and divided in half. I used bias to increase length. I really wanted to emphasise my waist so I changed the waistband making it higher and longer with a lip shape. The contrast of the waist and the peplum is my favourite feature of the skirt. All my seams have been enclosed by hong kong finish as Cris has her turn on our shared overlocker. I loved doing it and the skirt look so beautiful in the inside that I’m inspired to try more elaborated seams. Year: Modern. Details and Notions: Bias tape & 8” zipper. Time to complete: It’s fairly simple but I have sown in small batches of time so I don’t know how long did it take. First worn: On a cold morning Will you make it again? Yes, its supper cute! My machine is very sturdy and took the many layers quite well but I should have interfaced with a lighter interface. What did you particularly like or dislike about this pattern: Its flattering on my shape and its quite romantic. My first peplum outfit too! Photo shoot camera: Olympus D 475+ Gorilla tripod.


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  1. Cute skirt! I can’t quite see the fabric. Is it little teapots and white rabbits?

  2. Adorable! I love the peplum and the bias trim. Well done!

  3. How sweet : ) The fabric is adorable and the skirt shows off your shape beautifully. I’ll keep this design in mind if I ever want to do a peplum.

  4. That waistband and bias tape on the peplum are just adorable. I hope 2013 brings you plenty of tea parties to wear this lovely skirt to.