Hot! Block Rockin Beats- The Summer Dress

Kazzthespazz | Victory Patterns SimoneIt’s Summer down under so I’ll add the Simone by Victory Patterns to my Summer wardrobe. I think this pattern and the Anouk I made the other week could well be my two favourite patterns for this year, oh and this Vogue dress too.

I pulled out the remanding leftovers of the leather that I have managed to sew three garment from and chose this great tie dye blue grey crepe—which feels divine by the way and got to sewing. I think the fabric options feel spot on and complementary to the pattern. | Victory Patterns SimoneThe only thing I didn’t have handy was a sports back or strapless bra. So I’m suffering in that area which is a bummer but I’m sure you’re all okay with that. The pattern is very straight forward, easy to follow and to put together for an intermediate sewer. Mind you what I have done here would probably be the easier version because the leather doesn’t need turning under etc. The problems I had were: attaching the leather front panel to the crepe especially on those rounded edges I had some puckering issues and had unpicked twice; not wanting it to beat me I ended up using masking tape on the inside of the garment to stabilise the crepe to the leather this helped a great deal fixing the puckering as I sewed, probably not the most conventional or right way to do things but hey whatever gets you over the finish line. I removed the tape and it worked a treat. | Victory Patterns SimoneThe patterns is a scream and so is my new Summer hair do. | Victory Patterns SimoneThe back leather section I had cut into two parts because I didn’t have a large enough piece. I added the tassels and brass ring to jazz things up a little but feel it looks a tad biker- not really my thing but with a twist of my arm could be if I was offered a none speaking part in Sons of Anarchy where I get to snog Jax Teller. Giggity.  Anyway that aside I had trouble again attaching the back skirt to the bottom of the racer back it hung weird thanks to the crepe so I utilised the masking tape method and phew!! again it got me over the finish line. I placed the side zip in but haven’t needed to use it, I guess this depends on your body shape. I’ve popped this dress over my head and used the snap at the neck line to close me in and it’s worked fine. Instead of the suggested hook and eye above the zip I used a snap. I roll hemmed the skirt on the serger but can imagine a biased taped hem looking great from both the outside and underside especially with this particular hem line. | Victory Patterns SimoneI love how the skirt hangs, my next Simone I want to make the skirts front and back the same length and perhaps use a lovely light weight ikat patterned fabric and fit it with a loose belt and summery sandals. | Victory Patterns Simone

So in retrospect this little pattern is so versatile, the perfect day to night look. I’m going to have a lot of fun with this and what a great addition to my Summer wardrobe. I probably wont be wearing the black tights I’m just hiding the red sunburn that flared up after last weeks visit to the beach. Ouch!

So, where’s my ride?

I could totally pull some wicked dance moves to some Block Rockin Beats by the Chemical Brothers in this number.

The Facts

Fabric | Leather and crepe

Pattern | Victory Patterns-Simone
Year | Contemporary
Notions | zip, snaps brass rings
Time to complete | Not too sure I’m terrible at keeping track
First worn | braless to complete my biker look :P
Wear again? Sure
Total price | Around $30 I guess.



Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. Kazz, This is so edgy and flattering! I love it. I also really like your hair, which if you were on a motorcycle might not look as nice after wearing a helmet. Those are required in Australia, right? ;)

  2. There is only one word for this outfit and that is “Fierce”!! This is totally rockin’ and I don’t see the motorcycle thing as much as edgy fashionista. I hope your sunburn is feeling better, I hate when that happens : ) Now I’m off the check out the Victory patterns website!

  3. You’ve mastered integrating leather and fabric! I love it. It inspires me to do something with that bag-full and rolls of leather I have had since grad school. But first, the WIP pile. ;) Congrats on making another beauty!

  4. I now have “block rocking beats” going through my head on repeat loop….

    Fab dress you rock’n’roll-biker-chick, you.

  5. You rebel you! Here I was sweltering in wool and making clothes I won’t be able to wear a lot for six months, and you just ignored all that and did the smart thing and made something awesome and edgy and totally season appropriate. Jealous!