The “Untied Bow Tie” Blouse

The Facts
Fabric: White cotton with green dots from B&J Fabrics in NYC $12
Pattern: The Bow-Tie Blouse from Gertie’s Book for Better Sewing
Year: 2012
Notions: 4 covered snaps, and 1 regular snap from stash
Time to complete: 6 hours
First worn: For pictures
Wear again? I’d wear it every day if I could.
Total price: $12
I procrastinated this challenge a lot because I was a) indecisive, b) super busy, and c) still recovering from my cold. I couldn’t decide between this fabric or the other fabric I bought at B&J’s when I was in NYC two months ago. I was worried this was going to look a little clown-ish but I do love it in the end.

This is the first garment I’ve made from Gertie’s book. I did make a few changes, such as lowering the neckline in the front by about an inch, and adding a little ease to the waist. I also used these vintage covered snaps instead of actual buttons.

The pattern went together fairly easily. I’ve never done bust darts this long but I’ve seen them used a lot and I actually quite like them. The only real trouble I had was tying the tie! Maybe it was just the fabric I chose but despite Gertie’s assurance that you will get “a perfectly tied bow tie every time because the knot lies flat” I just couldn’t get it right. The bow stuck out way too much and the knot was so thick! So I just made one knot and tried to make it look nice.



Liz has been sewing since April 2011 but has been crafty all her life. Her full-time job is as a museum curator at a smallish institution, where her DIY skills often come in handy. Liz likes to sew while watching TV, which she uses to measure the amount of time it takes to finish.


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  1. I can see this with a smart pencil skirt. I like it!

  2. Darling! I love the polka dots and the the tie is really cute.

  3. Very cute! I love the neck tie. :-)

  4. Would wear this in a heartbeat! Very cool – shame about the bow – I would wash it and see if it behaves better!

  5. I like your version of the tie as opposed to a bow (but I tend to think of bows on women like the ones Diane Feinstein popularized in the late 70’s…ick…) The shirt fits you REALLY well and isn’t clown-like at all but I love polka dots so I’d be tempted to make several of these : )

  6. I loved the way you tied it. Very classy looking. This is going to be fab with a pencil skirt.

  7. Great job Liz it fits you fabulously, one knot it shall be then. Great fabric too.

  8. I agree, that would have to be one classy clown if this were at all clownish, but it is all class. I’m tempted to make Gertie’s pattern now that I’ve seen how well it turned out for you, bow/knot included.