The “Super Kitsch Dress-Up” Apron

Project details:
Fabric: 1 yard strawberry/denim-print cotton $2.00 from Scrap, plus red cotton scraps from stash
Pattern: Simplicity 1756 $0.50 from Scrap
Year: 1956
Notions: all from stash–2 packs red bias tape, probably under a dollar; 3 yards green ribbon $0.60; also rick-rack, red ribbon, felt, embroidery floss, and one button, all acquired free
Time to complete: 4-5 hours?
Sewing soundtrack: NPR/OPB
First worn: Just for photos
Wear again: Rarely, but at some point, yes.
Total cost: ~$4.00

This is the fourth apron I’ve made. I’m sure for some people, that isn’t many, but for me, it’s excessive. I actually am very much an apron person, but ninety-nine percent of the time I wear the same apron (my first one). I was going to skip this challenge, but right after it was announced, I happened to run across this lovely pattern, and it seemed too much of a coincidence to ignore.

I’ve been trying really hard not to buy fabric unless I can think of, on the spot, exactly what I’m going to do with it, and I’ve been trying especially hard not to buy (quilting) cottons, so I didn’t have anything in my stash that was appropriate for what I had in mind. And I totally forgot that cheap fabric in stores would be pretty much cleaned out around Halloween. I’m not actually very fond of strawberries, and my original intent was to do an apple-themed apron, but this was the only fabric I could find that looked remotely suitable.

I really do think the fabric is hideous. It’s not actually denim–it’s cotton(?) printed to look like denim. (The back is white.) The leaves are printed on, too, and the strawberries seemed to have been pressed on–they feel kind of like velour, but more like fuzzy poster. I had to work very hard to talk myself into buying the fabric, but I decided that if I made the apron really over the top, as kitschy as I possibly could, maybe it would be okay. I guess it’s grown on me. A little.

It was also nice to be able to get rid of some stuff from my stash–other than the base fabric, everything else was stuff I already had and thought, ‘hey, that’ll sort of match, let’s throw it on.’

(A side note–I do not usually have tiny felt scraps in my stash; I’m not quite that bad. But I just finished making one of those ridiculously elaborate Bucilla stockings for a little cousin. They take forever and a half, and it was such a relief to finally get done–but I’ve found, each time I finish, that I immediately want to make another one. Hm…)

Anyway, the little felt strawberries are probably my favorite part.

I really like the pattern, too. It came out very well and was absolutely no trouble. If I make an apron again (it’d be a gift–or, I suppose, if I become a consummate hostess), I’d happily reuse one of these patterns. This particular apron, though, I don’t really think I’ll wear much. To be fair, I wasn’t planning to, even before I started making it. It strikes me as much more of a dining room apron than a kitchen one–a dress-up apron, if you will. If I ever host retro-themed dinner parties, though (and okay, let’s be honest, what other type of dinner parties would I ever host?) this is the apron I’ll wear.

PS The apron I made, and never posted, for last year’s challenge is here.



Z. has, much to her surprise, been sewing since 2007. She lives in Portland, Oregon, and uh 1955-fantasy-land. In addition to sewing, she likes words, music, and old things. Her life is a story.


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  1. So cute! Love the detail with the red bias tape trim and the little strawberries. If I were you, I’d wear it just as much as all the other aprons you have. Why not? It’s precious.

  2. How do you get your bias tape so perfect??? I’d be wearing it. It covers your good clothes, has handy pockets and is cute to boot.

  3. Oh my, this is too cute for words.

  4. I love the strawberry goodness : )

  5. That is indeed adorable, and ridiculously, fabulously kitsch!

  6. Oh that is so lovely. Those pockets and the dangling strawberries at the neckline are fab!