The “Route 66 Road Trip” Shirt

The Facts
: 2.25 yds Route 66 soft cotton $8.97 (£5.64)
Pattern: McCall’s 6035 View A with View B’s collar
Notions: Fusible interfacing for collar & 6 blue buttons, both from stash.
Year: Contemporary
Time to complete: 10 hours (french seamed the lot for longevity).
First worn: 10th November 2012, on a trip to one of our favourite diners for part of our 3 years in the USA anniversary weekend.
Wear again? Yes, especially on future road trips.

Total Cost: $8.97 (£5.64)

One of the things you should know about the Family Devynes is that we love a road trip (though with all the sewing this year, I’ve been seriously neglecting posting pics and publishing blog entries about them, hopefully this will be rectified in the new year).

The item of clothing that’s seen the most wear on this year’s road trips has been my Viva Las Vegas Elvis shirt dress made near the start of the year. It’s been to the Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, Death Valley, the outskirts of the alleged Area 51, Hollywood, the Queen Mary at Long Beach, the Grand Canyon, Route 66 at Flagstaff Arizona, and not forgetting our family’s ‘pilgrimage’ to the beach where the Doctor met the Impossible Astronaut, the dam where Rory was caught and the valley where Rory & Amy’s bus stopped to meet the Doctor and River……one for all the Doctor Who fans out there). Admittedly at many of these places it only made it there in a suitcase rather than being worn constantly… I decided I need at least one other road trip worthy item……and when I saw this fabric in my favourite discount fabric warehouse I had to have it!

Like the fabric for the Vegas Elvis dress, it’s a real lightweight and soft shirting cotton and it was really nice to work with. I used the McCalls 6035 pattern first made up for my Great Big Threatening Button Shirt but changed pattern a bit to make it a nice shapely fit but still being roomy enough for travelling. Basically I lengthened the sleeve band so they weren’t quite as tight-fitting and didn’t gather the bottom of the puff sleeve quite as much to match this. I also made the waist and bottom hem one size up from my normal, but curved the grading up to keep the princess seams.

The pattern’s a really nice one if you’re looking for something with a bit of character that isn’t taxing to make. I like that the button placket isn’t a separate piece but is just the front piece folded in on itself. Am I making any sense here at all? Probably not. My sewing might have improved greatly over the year but I still don’t talk like a proper seamstress.

I’m afraid we’re still total tourists even after 3 years in America and totally love eating out at 50’s themed diners. I had a fabulous pumpkin pie milkshake (probably with enough calories to last me the whole weekend in one go) and my favourite eggs benedict (yes, I know, that’ll be next weekend’s calories covered too).

I can’t believe that by the end of next week we’ll be putting up our Christmas decorations and I’m still walking around in a flimsy shirt and hiding from the blinding sunshine (sorry UK).

I only wish I’d had this shirt a month or so ago when we were at Williams and Flagstaff Arizona both of which have sections of Route 66. I’m sure I’ll be wearing the shirt quite a lot before our next road trip because it’s very comfy and very me, but I’m hoping it will be packed to see Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park in 2013.

Do you want an ala Vicki outtake photo? Here you go…it was a little bit windy ;)




Tempest Devyne is a Brit who loves rain. She was therefore exiled to the deserts of Arizona. She started tentatively sewing about 3 years ago to make her own burlesque costumes. She'd now like to make pretty clothes for herself that don't rely on velcro and poppers to stay on. She's self-taught with help from the internet and lots of books from the library.


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  1. Very fun. I do love princess seams.

  2. “I also made the waist and bottom hem one size up from my normal, but curved the grading up to keep the princess seams.” Sounds pretty seamstress-y to me : ) I think if you look back on the last year or so you’ll see how much you’ve grown and learned. When I saw the first photo I thought “Cute – I wonder what she’s going to wear with it” and then I saw purple pants and blue Converse and I said “Of course, it’s Tempest!” Adorable as usual, glad to see you’re feeling a tad bit better!

  3. Girl, you always got something fun. Love it x

  4. This is great. Nice to see you looking very happy in it too! What a great adventure you guys are having – and really making the most of it. Your kids will never forget these years x

  5. Oh. How fab, I love a good dinner too!

  6. Don’t you just love a blouse with princess seams? It has such a great fit. You shirt is perfect for your upcoming adventures in Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore. I love Yellowstone and would go there again in a heartbeat. You photo shoot really adds to the theme of the fabric and makes it so fun to look at. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

  7. ” the beach where the Doctor met the Impossible Astronaut, the dam where Rory was caught and the valley where Rory & Amy’s bus stopped to meet the Doctor and River” Hyperventilating! Sooooo jealous! And of course your shirt is bright and fabulous and fantastic too – and it’s great to see you enjoying it!

  8. I’m enjoying your roadtrips and loving your shirt. Both are wonderful.