Hot! The Polka Dot Peg Apron

The sun is shining and so what better activity to do with your day than to hang out washing! Did you notice that there is a certain age at which your first thought on a lovely sunny day is not ‘lets go and do some fun outdoor pastime’ but rather ‘what a great day to do washing’. Sad but true.

For last year’s Apron challenge I made a cute cocktail apron with ruffles and a hidden pocket that has remained unused. I’m just not an apron wearer, but with this peg apron I could become a convert.

The Facts
⁃ Fabric: Polka dot cotton left over from my (unposted) polka dot dress
⁃ Pattern: One Metre Wonders
⁃ Year: contemporary
⁃ Notions: bias tape, a button from my stash
⁃ Time to complete: about two hours
⁃ First worn: for these photos
⁃ Wear again? Definitely – it’s just too useful
⁃ Total price: practically free as everything was from my stash.

I traced off a copy of the main body of the apron and pocket and pretty much winged it from there. I added the bias tape to define and edge the pockets but decided to run it around the apron because I liked the look. I hadn’t cut the waist band or sashes at this point and roughly measured for the waist band only to find I cut it a little short. Measure twice, cut once! I re-cut it as I have plenty of fabric and sewed it on. At this point I got a little lazy creative and grabbed the sash off the dress that I had made (too large in the back, way too intense in the purple and white dots) and simply threaded it through the waist band and sewed it into place.

Done! except for the minor spot that looked a little unfinished where the waist band hadn’t quite matched up. On with my usual fix of a suffolk puff and a button. I also did a little fun stitching with one of the fancy stitches on my machine.

All I can say is if you don’t have one and do regularly hang washing out on a line (as opposed to those who solely use dryers – there is really no need for such an apron) it is a boon. No more fighting back through the rows of wet washing to find where the peg basket is hanging up. No more being whacked on the head when you spin the Hills Hoist (true – not a problem with the square lines). Simply pegs within reach.

I won’t say I did a load of washing purely so that I could try out my new peg apron, but I did run a second and third load (more fabric!) just because I could.

Handy, no?



Jen Brown just plain-old likes making stuff. If it's usable and wearable when complete, so much the better. A new technique or a chance to see how something worked is where the challenge lies.


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  1. Love it! Wish I had a clothesline, myself. I would totally make an apron like that.

  2. The first thing I noticed was your favourite Suffolk Puff! I think that’s your trademark …

  3. What a fantastic, useful apron! I used to just clip the pegs to the bottom of my shirt when I hung laundry, but an apron would have been way easier. Now my line is so small that an apron would be overkill.

  4. I need one of these! I might convert one of the half aprons I have lurking around the place – what a great idea. Cute yo yo too!

  5. Oh my gosh! My grandma had a very similar peg-apron. I had forgotten about such things. I’ve line-dried my clothing for the last four years I’ve lived in the EU and this little handy creation of yours would be (will be) so handy! Thanks for sharing.