The “Nearly Identical” Skirt

Copy Cat Skirt

The Facts

⁃ Fabric – black and white check cotton from the stash.

⁃ Pattern: Tilly & The Buttons Picnic Blanket Skirt Tutorial

⁃ Year: 2012

⁃ Notions: 8 yellow flower buttons – $8.

⁃ Time to complete: 2 hours

⁃ First worn: Yesterday for photos

⁃ Wear again? Definitely!

⁃ Total price: $8


Yay! I managed to get back for another challenge before the end of the year.  When I saw that the challenge was black and white I knew I had a few fabrics in the stash that I could use for this.  I finally settled on the black and white check and decided to make myself a simple skirt to wear.  I have hardly any clothes I fit into at the moment (still trying to lose the baby weight) so a new skirt is much needed.

Copy Cat Skirt

When I was trying to decide what skirt to make I kept thinking about Tilly & The Buttons picnic blanket skirt.  I just couldn’t get it out of my head so I decided to use her tutorial to make my skirt.  The minute I started I realised why I kept thinking about it.  Tilly used pretty much the exact same fabric for her picnic blanket skirt.  So I have made a pretty much identical version of the skirt.  Hers is probably a bit better executed then mine is!

Copy Cat Skirt

When I went to buy buttons (the only thing I bought for this project) I just couldn’t go past these yellow flower buttons.  They were just so cheery and happy looking and I thought they would pop really well against the black and white.  I am so happy with how this skirt turned out and I think it will get a lot of wear.  And I don’t think it should be too hard to take in once I lose a bit of weight so I can continue to wear it.




Kat Lane is a twenty something Gold Coast girl who just married the love of her life! She likes to sew, bake, knit and crochet. She loves anything vintage or retro inspired. Kat Lane loves to have a project on the go and can't stand sitting still unless it is to curl up with a good book.


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  1. Sweet! It’s such a flattering skirt. Love the choice of buttons.

  2. Oh well done Mummy girl, that is so sweet and really suits you!

  3. Very cute! Love the pop of colour with the buttons. :-)

  4. I started reading your post last week, then popped over to your blog and read back almost a years worth : ) The skirt is very cute and yes, your body will continue to change for a few months yet but this will be a great transitional piece. Baby is beautiful, congratulations! OH, and all that crocheting? Off the hook (so to speak). I’ve told my girl friend who loves to crochet about some of your projects and she’s perusing them as we speak for inspiration : )