Hot! The “Michonne: Zombie Killer Extraordinaire” Costume


I used some images from the series The Walking Dead in this post, and they might be too graphic for any little ones looking over your shoulder as you read this.  I thought about censoring the photos by putting some happy faces over the zombies, but then I realized that it wouldn’t change the photos that much; they are still scary looking, and I really needed to use them to give you some background on the character I’m imitating.  Please come back and take a look after the kids are in bed  ;)

The Facts:

  • Fabric:  mystery beige fabric for cape < $2; krama from Cambodia
  • Pattern:  Simplicity 9169 for cape with many modifications = $0.69
  • Year:  post apocalypse
  • Notions:  leather belt, leather thong for drawstring, mud = free
  • Time to complete: ~2 hours
  • First worn:  battling zombies in my derelict barn
  • wear again?:  The cape for playtime; all the other pieces are going back into my regular wardrobe
  • Total price:  ~$2.69

It’s a bit out of character for me, but I absolutely love the TV series The Walking Dead.  I admit to sometimes averting my eyes during a particularly gory scene, but it’s the plot and characters that keep me coming back for more:  Good people doing bad things, bad people doing good things, group dynamics under crisis.  Without going into the whole psychology of why post-apocalyptic themes run rampant these days (oh boy….), I’ve gotten drawn into the idea of society breaking down and humans returning to our role as predator / prey.

My favourite character is Michonne, the lone warrior who travels with her two zombie escorts, Terry and Mike.  I haven’t read the graphic novels yet, so I don’t know what’s in store for Michonne this season, but I hope to see more of her.  Here was our first glimpse of her in the final moments of last season’s finale:

I wasn’t going to make a Halloween costume this year because I can’t wear one to work for safety reasons, and I thought I’d be pretty busy making my daughter’s costume demand:  a rescue princess fairy mermaid sea lion.  Yeah, you read that correctly.  Anyway, the season premiere of The Walking Dead rolled around on October 14th and I joked with a friend that it would be fun to dress up my kids as Mike and Terry, and me as Michonne.  Haha, how inappropriate!  Hahahahahahah!  Wait….that’s a perfect idea.  Minus the zombie kids, of course.

 I don’t have long hair, so I started making braids from black wool, but when I pinned them to the krama, they just looked too…..I don’t know….Raggedy Anne.  Not exactly the ass-kicking powerful heroine look I was going for.  My unstyled Sunday hair will have to do until I can find a wig with dreads.



As usual, I’ll end with my out take photo.  I’m entitling this one, “Ewwwwww!  What just fell on my head?!?”








Vicki used to sew when she was young and free, but then raising young'uns and bringing home (some of) the bacon took up all her time. Now her closet is full of skinny clothes, maternity clothes and post-partum clothes, none of which fit properly. Maybe that's why she started sewing again in 2010.


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  1. Spooky! I must admit I don’t know anything about the walking dead, but if the characters and plot are as good as you say, I’ll have to check it out. You look too scary for words!

    • It’s not for everyone, because it is incredibly gorey, but I recommend it anyway. It’s too bad the braided wig I made looked so weird, because without it I just look like a kid with a play sword ;)

  2. OK, I couldn’t see who this post was by, so I spent the entire post trying to guess, because not all the pictures were coming up. You were bottom of my list of people who would dress up as Michonne, so out of character is right! I like that you really did do something totally un-you! And when you get bored of this a good cape can be added to hundreds of other costumes!

    • Yes, something went wrong with this post because the featured photo wasn’t the one I set – it seems like they got scrambled around. I also had trouble the other week when saving my post, because the photos kept disappearing. Something’s up somewhere in the system, or maybe I have bugs in my computer.
      I’m working on a secret project with someone now, so this week and next week’s projects were about as simple as I can get!

      • Mena needs to update WordPress, I think this could be the problem. Mine & Barbara posts weren’t published which is a total bummer they’re still sitting in the pending queue.

  3. You scared the crap out of me Vicki LOL! My son watched the first 15 minutes of The Walking Dead and couldn’t handle it. Great cape! hope that wasn’t a broken toilet pipe dripping on you!

    • I was looking for yours and Barbara’s too, since I saw them in the pending folder. Just went and read about your on your blog instead – I pull out my Pattern Magic about once a month and browse, but I’m still too intimidated! (I have #1).

      That photo was taken in my falling down, squirrel and raccoon infested barn. The ceiling has started to fall in since I last took a photo in that spot, and there is a family of raccoons living right up there. Something I’d rather not think about dropped down on me as I was trying to look menacing.

  4. I have one of those barns too! I wish I owned my house because the first thing I’d do is restore the barn and then move in while I worked on the house. Your cape is one of those items that you may end up using in totally unexpected outfits : ) I know nothing about “Walking Dead” or even the latest vampire sagas but I like your attention to detail from your back story stuff. Maybe one of these days I’ll venture into zombie-land…

    • We had really hoped to restore our barn too. It’s actually an old carriage house with a hay loft above and horse stable on the side. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get planning permision to renovate because it’s actually partly on the property of a crazy neighbour (you know all about that!) and he won’t sell. We’re stuck with knocking it down, and it’s really in terribly dangerous shape now and it has asbestos anyway. We’re hoping to put in a modular unit like a shipping container house and use it for office retreat / guest space / storage.

      As much as I love The Walking Dead, it’s a really hard one to recommend to people because it is so terribly violent and tension filled. I find that by the end of every episode, my heart rate is so high that I have to take a walk around to calm myself. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea!