The Mamma Meow Sweatshirt

I might be cheating a bit with this sweatshirt because it’s not purely black and white but the cat family is black and white so I hope it’ll qualify for this challenge.

Ever since I made my Abba-inspired cat tunic my son has been begging me that he wants one, too. I am proud to say that I have turned him into a quite a cat addict which is a small miracle considerung that we don’t even have a cat and rarely get in touch with cats….

So when I started making all his winter clothes I told him I could put a black velvet cat on one of his sweatshirts. However, he’s really into animal babies so, of course, the cat needed to have a kitten. And when I was finally done preparing the mommy cat and kitten appliqué it suddenly occurred to him that the cat daddy was missing. So I had to make a daddy as well and squeeze it on the front. Luckily, I hadn’t sewn anything on yet when he requested the daddy…The cat father had to be white because my husband has white hair. (He’s one of those people who turn grey extremely early.) Thereore, daddies are ALWAYS white. (Btw the black seeds in water melons are mommy seeds, the white seeds are daddy seeds.)

Train’s coming!

The only difficult thing about the sweatshirt was the appliqué. It was fun to make but more time consuming that I had wanted it to be. My son really loves this sweatshirt though so it was worth the time.

I made another sweater for him with an appliqué of a white baby seal (with fish on the sleeves so it doesn’t go hungry). The baby seal actually looks just like his favorite cuddly toy he sleeps with every night. He’s in love with that sweater as well.



This is my last contribution to Sew Weekly. Work is just really overwhelming for me right now and we’re pretty much living on a construction site because our shady landlord decided to give this house a makeover in the middle of winter – when I look out of the window all I can see is a white tarp and the construction frame which makes it easy for burglars to get up to all the higher floors (I feel very unsafe ever since that frame has been erected.)  All this should have been announced three months in advance so theoretically, we could sue this man but in practice, it wouldn’t help us much right now (lawsuits take time). We were planning to move in spring/summer so now we decided to move earlier to avoid the constructions as much as we can. Apartment hunting is a very a timeconsuming and exhausting matter in a big city like Berlin where rents are skyrocketing at the moment…we’re trying to stay in the area but it’s starting to be very very expensive here so we’ll probably be forced to move away from our beloved quarter. I am definitely not happy about this. We’re hoping we can sign a contract for a new place before we’re heading to California during the Christmas break…and move house by the end of January…

I can’t believe how time flies and the year is almost over. I certainly didn’t participate as much as I had hoped but I enjoyed the experience and getting to know so many wonderful people who are also interested in sewing.  Thanks for a great sewing year!

The facts

⁃ Pattern: Miou Miou hoodie V 6010

-Fabric: about 0,5 meter of organic cotton sweatshirt material, remnants of black knit material for cuffs, hem and neck binding, remnants of white fleece and black velvet

-Year: contemporary

⁃ Notions: none

⁃ Time to complete: it seemed like forever…the appliqué took time again and I handstitched the small details like the nose, eyes etc.

– Total price: about 10 to 15 Euros

-First worn: around the beginning of November

⁃ Wear again? – Yes, my son loves wearing it.



Djamila is a German translator living in Berlin, Germany. She is married to an American and has a 4-year-old son who never sleeps. She used to sew A LOT before her son was born. After 4 years of wearing practical sandbox-clothes she finally wants to get her original fashion style back and sew a lot more again.


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  1. Those appliqués are so sweet and cute! What a wonderful gift for your son. I’ve loved reading your sewing post this year and hope that you continue with your personal blog. I plan to add many of the contributor’s blog links to my blog so that we can still share our sewing adventures. Good luck with your apartment hunting and have a happy new year!

  2. it’s a supercute jumper and I can see it is well loved.

    Good luck with house hunting and may your new year be a little less stressful.

  3. I’ve seen some cute things on Sew Weekly, but that is beyond adorable! No wonder your son loves it so much! It’s worth every minute – just think of the memories he will have of it!

    I’m sorry to hear this is your last contribution of the year. I’ve loved following your stories, and getting a glimpse of live in Berlin. Good luck with the flat hunting, and have a wonderful visit to California!

  4. The appliqued shirts you’ve done are wonderful! And that picture of your son sleeping is just heart warming : )
    I’m sorry this will be your last post and that you’ve got to add moving to your list. I hope we can still get together when you come out to California, I’ve got the entire week around Christmas off and don’t go back to work until 1/2 next year. It would be WONDERFUL to meet and share photos and stories. Maybe I can show you a PRETTY part of Oakland and have tea : )
    I hope the end of the year is as stress free as possible, that you find a new place to live easily and that you can sew some more. I’ll be sure to check in on your blog for updates. I’ve LOVED the pieces of Berlin you’ve shared with us, thank you SO MUCH!!!

  5. Very cute applique projects!

    As for your apartment woes, I wish you the best of luck. It sucks to live in a construction zone – We did for two years and it really affected my sense of safety when workers came to inspect the structural damage to our building. We moved from there shortly after the inspections.