The “London Calling” Apron

The Facts
Fabric: London fabrics by Timeless Treasures $12 but I didn’t use all of them, and they were a gift from my mom, so free to me!
Pattern: Self-drafted
Year: Timeless
Notions: Scrap of bias binding from stash
Time to complete: 2 hours (2 eps of Supernatural)
First worn: For pictures!
Wear again? Hopefully I will remember to wear it while cooking all the time!
Total price: $0
I have always loved these half aprons. I had one as a child that I think was made out of a dish towel (aka tea towel) with a giant brown flower on it. It was 70s ugly, but I liked it because it was a fun, extra skirt that I got to wear while baking with my mom!

I found these fabrics while on a fabric shop-hopping trip with my mom a few months ago. We found these at the first shop we went to and I was immediately smitten with them. I thought I was pretty studied-up on what London-theme fabrics were out there, but I hadn’t seen these yet so it was especially nice. I didn’t get much of each (1/2’s and 5/8’s) because they were expensive (in my opinion), and also I wasn’t quite sure what I to do with them. Apparently whenever my mom sees a fabric she likes but doesn’t know what to do with she goes the opposite direction and gets at least 3 yards of it. …And I just realized that’s how she has ended up with so much left-over and never-used fabric in her stash that I get to root through sometimes.

Anyway, I figured the Apron challenge was a good time to bust these out. In my planning I was going to do more embellishing, but then I got a rather bad cold last week and didn’t do much of anything for a full 5 days. So this was a last-minute whip-up on the weekend.

The lighting isn’t very good in our house but husband took a few photos while we made pizza.



Liz has been sewing since April 2011 but has been crafty all her life. Her full-time job is as a museum curator at a smallish institution, where her DIY skills often come in handy. Liz likes to sew while watching TV, which she uses to measure the amount of time it takes to finish.


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  1. Cute! For a London themed apron shouldn’t you be making meat pies, not pizza? ;-)

  2. Gorgeous fabric and perfect for an apron. I always forget to wear aprons and end up with flour all over me.

  3. Your mum must have the best stash ever buying 3 yards every time she spots a fancy fabric. Love that fabric and your apron. My hubby would wear that with pride (he’s from Leicester). Do you do vegetarian pizza?

    • She has a lot of novelty prints, and “just pretty” prints to be sure. Mine are always vegetarian pizzas! I’m fond of all types of olives, mushrooms and tomatoes on mine :D But hubby likes to do a special mix of fresh Italian deli meats on his.

  4. Hey, what a great idea for that fabric that you love, but wouldn’t make clothing out of, an apron! I’ve got new shopping ideas now. You especially look like you’re having fun making that pizza dough or should we say “meat pie dough”like leimomi suggests?

  5. This is perfect for a small amount of fabric – love the Tube map sash the best!

    I am like your mum – minus a daughter to take extra fabric off my hands!

    Nice job!

  6. Cute fabric, I wish my mom bought stuff like that “just because”. And what ARE you making there? WHat a tease : )

  7. I agree, Timeless Treasures prints aren’t cheap but there’s a fantastic variety. Love your apron.

  8. I agree, Timeless Treasures prints aren’t cheap but there’s a fantastic variety. Love your apron.

  9. Hope you’re feeling better! I love the fabrics. Wish I could make a half apron. I’m way too messy and make lots of bubbly things that stain fabric forever so what I really need is a body apron.

  10. I reckon that building behind Big Ben’s bell tower is 221B Baker Street (only joking)….love the waistband underground map fabric, my favourite most-used apron is a vinyl full length Underground Map one. I approve. I heart the UK too ;)