The “F is for Fortune Cookie” Apron Skirt

 The Facts 

Fabric: 2.25 yds red cotton fortune cookie fabric $8.98 (£5.62).
Pattern: See & Sew by Butterick 5952.
Year: 1970s.
Notions: thread.
Time to complete: 5 hours.
First worn: 5th November (remember, remember).
Wear again? Yes, whenever baking

Total price: $8.98 (£5.62).

The challenge: “Aprons”.

OK, so you’ll have noticed that the pattern for this apron is strictly a 70s wrap skirt.

I picked up this pattern a while back from a charity shop (for a wonderful 25c…16p) because I liked the A line shape and the tie front ‘belt’. And I fully intend to make a skirt out of it sometime.

Cookie Monster want fortune cookie!

However, I’ve been concerned about trying out a proper skirt with it because the wrap crossover part is at the back rather than the probably more usual front… I knew I’d have to make the back panels large enough to not be worrying that a gust of wind might leave the world traumatised to discover I’m no Marilyn. This has been compounded by the pattern’s largest printed size being a 16, and I knew I’d have to grade it up to my 24/26…..and I haven’t graded up a 70s pattern before.

So what you see here is a workable muslin. I’ve graded it up and it fits, but I’ll have to extend the two back panels even more to make it a worry-free skirt when I finally get around to making it. Here’s the problem:

Shall I be wearing this apron more though? Yep. One of the things I love but haven’t had time enough to this year is baking, and I always get flour all over my skirts, so the full wrap around apron will be great.

And as you can tell, the Family Devyne also adore Chinese food (and Indian, and Italian, Thai, Mexican, German etc etc)….I won’t be making fortune cookies in this apron, but I will be trying to improve on my dim sum and prawn toasts. My mother was born in China and my eldest daughter is learning Mandarin at High School, so any excuse to break out the wok and the chopsticks we jump on.

Can I just thank all my friends here at Sew Weekly (especially those of you who told me you don’t usually comment but did last week) for all your support last week….it kept me going and hopefully I can make stuff to make all of us smile in the next few weeks.

Tempest want fortune cookie!

And I apologise for still being in my jimjams for the pics too. Hey, I’m out of bed, sewing, photographing and posting…..these are major pluses at the moment.

Happy Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes to all my fellow Brits and certain Canadians! I shall be cracking open some Heinz tomato soup, baking some potatoes, cooking hotdogs and onions….don’t think I’ll manage making any parkin this year. Then I shall be sitting in front of my fire (with the air con on to cope as it’s still 92F/33C here) and trying to cure my homesickness by checking out pics of fireworks, sparklers and bonfires back home in Blighty as we’re not allowed fireworks here in Chandler (though if you have read my blog for a while you’ll remember it’s legal to buy fireworks here, but not to let them off…..only in America eh!)

And to my dear American friends, I’ll have lived in your wonderful country for 3 years on November 9th, thank you for having me.

Now all together, C is for Cookie, that’s good enough for me…. And obviously F is for Fortune Cookie. All cookies good!



Tempest Devyne is a Brit who loves rain. She was therefore exiled to the deserts of Arizona. She started tentatively sewing about 3 years ago to make her own burlesque costumes. She'd now like to make pretty clothes for herself that don't rely on velcro and poppers to stay on. She's self-taught with help from the internet and lots of books from the library.


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  1. Great way to test out a pattern and still have something wearable. I do like those fortune cookies (and wouldn’t like that gap either!)

  2. You forgot treacle toffee!!! I had a difficult job tracking some down here in the south of England. Hate to advertise but Thornton’s is the only place that does it … Anyway, your pattern is a bit like the Colette dress pattern (who’s name escapes me at the moment) which also wraps around at the back. Was a bit worried about it myself but it seems to keep in place ok. Look forward to seeing the skirt!

  3. Your jimjams are sooo cute! Love the Dia de los Muertos Skulls. The apron skirt looks great, and I’m trying to figure out how you did the dots edgings. Is it a special stitch on the machine? An embroidery stitch or added trim? Looks real pretty!

  4. Fun wrap apron you have made with that fortune cookie fabric. It goes so nicely with the cookie monster tee-shirt. HEHEHE! I also noticed the creative detailed edging that you put along the seams. That’s a lot of work! Your apron is just scrumptious!!

  5. Ohhhh…..dim sum and prawn toasts…now I’m hungry : ) I think your apron is a double whammy – cute AND functional! If you ever get to San Francisco I’ll take you to the oldest operating fortune cookie company in SF. I bought fortune cookies for my wedding there, it’s a hoot! Glad to see you out of bed : )

  6. Great job Tempest. Keep us smiling PLEASE!

  7. Yay! I’m glad you seem a bit cheery-er, and your apron is just my kind of apron – it really COVERS things. Also, if my PJs were as cute as yours, I’d totally wear them for random photoshoots!