The “Edie, 1967” Coat

The Facts
⁃ Fabric: 3m wool, 2m lining, interfacing
⁃ Pattern: Vogue 7239
⁃ Year: 1967
⁃ Notions: 3 buttons
⁃ Time to complete: several weeks in October
⁃ First worn: end of October
⁃ Wear again?  Since it’s been cold, I haven’t stopped wearing it!
⁃ Total price: ~30EUR =  7EUR/m for wool (21EUR), $2.50/m China Silk Poly for lining (5 EUR), interfacing, thread, etc…




Pattern – I won this pattern from a giveaway on the Seamless Blog, and will give it away once this is published.  Look out for a blog post from me if you’re interested in entering the giveaway.

I loved the pattern.  There is one funny bit around the neckline, and the finishing of the neck band, but other from that it was smooth sailing.  I had help from the Threads book on tailoring, and my Claire Schaeffer’s fabric guide book.  I was set.  I didn’t have to change a thing in the pattern except length of the sleeves and hem.  That was nice!

Here are some of the inner workings…

bound buttonholes

feather stitching

feather stitching, fuchsia lining

groovy pocket fabric

I had a lot of fun working on this coat and once it was finished, I realized this one was a true keeper.  I’ve been wearing it regularly ever since.  The coat reminds me of Edie Sedgwick for some reason.  Something about my haircut these days, perhaps?

Pupp-o decided to get in on these shots. Hey there, puppy-face!



Adriprints is an illustrator and designer by trade; a knitter, crocheter, and pseudo-seamstress by craft. You can find her work in typo-phile calendars, online knitting mags, and on random people's business cards, greeting cards, and websites. She currently lives in Munich.


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  1. Beautiful coat and thank you for showing some of the “inner workings”. I really like your pockets and the bright lining, makes an ‘older’ style coat current and fabulous : )

  2. Wow! that’s so “Groovy!” It’s a very cute style and quite the undertaking. You make it sound so easy. Look at all that work from the buttonholes to the lining and everything in between. I’m really impressed. Will you make me one please? ;)

    • Hee hee, thanks Barbara! I’ve been trying to tempt my friends into asking me to make another one for one of them. I really did enjoy this pattern, and it was the kind of project that went together fairly quickly in 3 chunks of time (cutting, lining, finishing).

  3. Wow fantastic Andri!! I love all the unique accents and what a great colour too. I named my daughter after Edie Sedgwick. Sedgwick was such a beautiful soul but with too many underlying problems as we all know- poor little rich girl.

    Your hair looks great. Perfect, love that serious side shot.

    • Thanks! I love Edie’s look, too. – I don’t usually wear chandelier earrings, but the serious side shot was definitely in honor of Miss Sedgwick and her oft worn accessories. So tragic were her last few years, I agree.

  4. I love your coat – think I’m going to have a go at winning the pattern – it’s something I’ve never attempted before and I’m inspired to try.

  5. That is so fab (and groovy). Will you look at the quality? Especially those bound buttonholes. Brilliant :) And the colour is quite divine.

  6. This looks so flash and your construction is beautiful.

  7. That is an awesomely cool coat, and I love that the lining is such a fun colour!