The “Black Moth” Dress

Posing at an office supply store was not my first choice. We were originally going to take pictures at a local convenience store in front of the Hostess cupcakes. They were all out and may never get them again. This was the next stop on our list of errands so here I am looking a bit like a showroom model. I was going for serious but my husband and son kept making me laugh. Also, my attempt at a model-y kind of slouch just came out looking sad.

I was going to try again with the black lace button down and white button down for this challenge. I had enough energy to cut out the pieces for the white top and then I fizzled. I tried to alter a pair of snazzy pants I got from a consignment store and ended up ruining them pretty badly. By Saturday night I was spent so whatever I made had to be simple but nice enough to wear to work. This is a high/low dresstangle.

I made a high/low last year using Burda 8228. I lengthened the front and back because I wanted to wear it as a dress. I used it for this dress but only to measure the length and for the neckline. I took my piece of fabric and folded each end in so they met at the middle then laid the pieces on-the front along one fold and the back along the other. I cut the neckline out, part of the shoulder seam and straight down the middle of the fabric. That probably makes no sense but I think you kind of get it, right? I sewed it all together and decided that I would cut an additional back piece so that it showed from the inside. This is where I made some pretty silly mistakes. I cut the panel out and sewed the two pieces together at the bottom. I pressed the seam then pinned the front and back together at the sides and sewed them up again. I was left with the raw edges at the sides  and was afraid they’d be seen when I moved or sat down. What do I do about that? Hmmmm. I really didn’t know so I cleaned them up as much as possible, sewed the neck and arm openings, and went to bed pleased that you couldn’t see the seams anyway. It doesn’t look bad from the outside just super amateur on the inside.

It wasn’t until I woke up this morning that I realized I should have made a facing for the front. Guess my brain’s a bit mushy these days.

This dress will be good for work though I noticed today that the black looks a bit faded. I think it’s hand dyed because I washed a bit of color off my fingers after finishing up last night. I’ll wear it but will have to wait for my comfy wedges to arrive in the mail. 6hr days in heels is painful but I am not going to wear flats everyday and it would ruin the effect with this dress. It is all about “the look” after all.

I will leave you with one of my slouchy pictures. I look like a scolded child-

I named this dress after a novel by Georgette Heyer. I’m sort of addicted to her books right now. I like a nice clean romance. I haven’t read The Black Moth so I’m not sure it’s any good. The one I’m reading now is not my favorite and that’s a good thing because then I don’t mind putting it down so much. Now you know one of my secrets. I am a fan of historical romances.



Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. So sassy! I love the belt and shoes too.

  2. Love the end-result! I guess if the dye is coming off on your hands, it may be a problem if you sit on light-colored furniture. Other from that, though, nice job!

  3. ‘The Grand Sophy’ was always my favourite Heyer. I like how your necklace mimics the shapes in the fabric and the shinyness of the leather belt/sash.

    • I loved “The Grand Sophy”! Right now I’m reading “Powder and Patch”. There’s a lot of French in there so I’m pretty lost when it comes to that but I get the idea-you know?

  4. It’s so lovely to see you smiling! I like the dress – it looks like a very ‘you’ piece.

    I like the idea of Georgette Heyer (historical romance with no smut), but I always want to smack her characters. Far too many omniscient and omnipotent men and silly, silly women :-/

  5. Yes, this dress is very “Gina” and that’s a good thing : ) I’m loving that necklace, wish I could see more. I don’t think that last shot looks like a “scolded child”, it’s pretty cute!

    • There’s really not much to see. It’s probably one of the easiest things I’ve made and have gotten the most compliments on. Isn’t that funny! It’s not even well made! I’ll miss you next year Loran!

  6. Dresstangle – awesome. I think I made a couple of those this year, but they didn’t turn out as well!

    And now that we’e entered the dark side of the year up here, I’ll have to try your idea of doing photo shoots while out running errands in well-lit places. Haha…look out grocery store shoppers.