The Bamboo Banga Dress | Black & White

I was only just saying the other day over on my blog how after sewing up Vogue 1234 and last weeks shirt that I had lost my sewing mojo my sewjo had disappeared! which is a first for me for the year which really isn’t that bad; Friday nights are my sewing nights and do you think I could get motivated or even settle on an idea? by Saturday afternoon I started to panic, I took to Pinning stuff for inspiration, flicking through magazines, books and patterns and then my stash. I really didn’t think I was going to make it, perhaps I ended up over thinking things, yep that’s me a total over thinker. I pulled out the chiffon that I had wrapped around myself for the Polka-dot challenge and some left over leather and settled on the Anouk by Victory Patterns. | Black & White

The last time I made this was for the Vegas challenge, I Googled the Anouk and there I was sitting among the images, I felt that the images by themselves were a tad gimmicky for those that didn’t click through and read the post, this certainly doesn’t help the potential of this magic little dress pattern or Victory Patterns so I chose to remake it for this challenge so I could kinda redeem myself. | Black & White

…and so you can say that my Sewjo returned with great vengeance, phew!! I doubled over the chiffon and cut twice for the front and back because the fabric so sheer. I was going to flip one of the pieces so the stripes looked crisscrossed but it looked too busy, I like it like this it kinda gives off that misaligned/offset effect often found in screen printing when the crop marks are out. | Black & WhiteThe leather made the construction really easy as you can imagine, no facings. I should of cut a size smaller because of the seam allowance, this is okay though. I did have some trouble with the leather gripping to the machine which forced these tiny stitches, I was wondering if I had mixed up my machine needles thinking this was a leather needle *shrugs* I used the rotary tool to cut these pieces and asked hubby to place the snaps in. The hems are rolled on the serger. | Black & White

I played around with the centre bodice piece and changed it up a little, it almost looks like a breast plate, I love it! The back is the same as the pattern I just added a small leather loop that sits centre back between the leather a chiffon, why? no reason just because :)

I’ll call this one Bamboo Banga from MIA’s album Kala she’s perhaps the most fiercely political performer active today.

:: I just want to say a huge thank you for the lovely comments on my apron and shirt as you know I usually comment back, I seem to be having issues posting comments they hang for a minute then I get a Gateway Error which is frustrating and really time consuming so please don’t think i’m not reading your comments xx

The Facts

Fabric | Leather & Chiffon

Pattern | Anouk-Victory Patterns
Year | Contemporary
Notions | snaps
Time to complete | approx 3hrs
First worn | For these photos
Wear again? Oh for sure.
Total price | not sure, it’s from the stash lets just guess $30?



Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. The effect of the doubled chiffon is great! I saw the little preview and was wondering what a dress titled Bamboo Banga would look like! Very cool, is what.

  2. SO glad you got your sewjo back, this is COOOOLLL!!! ANd what a different take on that pattern. IF you find leather hanging up when sewing in the future you can always put a later of tissue paper over it, then the foot should glide nicely, just tough to do top stitching in some places (I’ve also used tracing paper). I used to have a special plastic foot to sew ultra-suede with that worked ok on leather. Now that you’ve successfully combined leather and chiffon a couple times I’m going to have to try that some time soon. Maybe I’ll have a Kazz-inpsired week or two next year, complete with turbans and chunky jewelry, leather and fun prints : )

    • Thank you Loran and thank you for your handy tips, I did at one stage use some tear away but found it hard to see where I was going, I might investigate, maybe a walking foot may do the trick. I’m thinking I may of mixed up my needles though. I’m loving the combo of these two materials, I’m tempted to play around with them more in the future.

      Yay! do it that’ll be fun. That would be a fun challenge- sewing to the style of another Sew Weekly contributor.

  3. Love your hair (oh, and the dress). :)

  4. Wow! I love what you did this week. Leather and chiffon, oh my! I’ve never sewn with either. You make it look easy though. Great styling too.

    P.S. I’ve been getting that gateway message too,:(

    By the way, When Mena posted the new challenges, she wrote Happy Holidays for dec 24 and 31. Does that mean we won’t be posting sewing challenges for those two weeks? Can someone set me straight on that? Thank you.

    • Thanks Barbara. Yes I need clarification on that one too. Those two dates are what complete the year in our ‘sewing a garment a week’ Right? Ah Mena? :) Lets make up the final two.

  5. If you hadn’t said, there is no way I would have known you lost your sewing mojo. Clever and creative and I love the mix of leather with the chiffon.

  6. I get the gateway error thing too! I’ll post a comment and then it comes up ‘gateway error’, but if I go ‘back’ the comment seems to appear after all. Frustrating though … Anyway, that’s a grat thing to come up with considering you felt you lost your mojo. I’m going to give Anouk a go as my last project for this year. Wonder what will be happening next year?

    • Yeah I updated my browser and still…

      Oh you should make the Anouk it’s a favourite of mine, such a flattering dress.

      Next year?! who knows Diane, I think I’ll participate in some Sewalongs and just keep going because I love it so much. I was thinking of doing a see and sew kinda thing on my blog. See a fancy dress online or magazine and then sew it up, up the anti on some skills I’d like to learn too. What about you?

      • Ohhhh…that sounds like fun : ) I’ll have to check your blogs out to see what’s going on. I know I’m going to do a series of “Style Impersonation” posts but like the structure of having a deadline.

  7. You look online for inspiration images, whereas we look at YOUR projects for inspriation! I just picked up some pleather at my local charity shop, and I have a gorgeous piece of ’70s chiffon – idea logged!

    Next year I’m sure we’ll all be riffing on each other’s work. Once Mena’s finished the move, maybe the site will change and we can just keep on posting to the community? It was great to have the chance to post full projects with backstory and lots of images – and all together in one place so I don’t have to go scrambling about the net during my snatches of free time!

  8. Very cool! I love the tension between the chiffon and the leather. It’s actually a very 1940s silhouette, but so updated. Fabulous!

  9. I’m in awe of your chiffon and leather combos. Those materials intimidate me, and so does Anouk a little bit for that matter. I just saw a very cool similar dress– but yours is better– for sale in a little independent designers boutique. Love your see and sew idea.

    Next year I’m excited to set my own sewing goals. I won’t sew as many garments but I hope they’ll each be more special and a bit better made.

    Yeah, commenting is a drag these days.