The “10,000 Reasons” Shirt

I think it’s time for a new camera. All of my pictures seem to be coming out a little blurry. I happen to like the way this one came out though.

I had planned to make a button down shirt out of lace. I have everything I need sitting on my table. I decided to make this simple T out of leftover fabric from my “She Got Game” sweatshirt. I wouldn’t call it a wardrobe staple. I do think a girl should have a T or two in her wardrobe I’m just not sure I’ll wear this one out at all. It does make a good night shirt.

I just started my part-time work for the holidays. It’s very busy and a lot of fun though I haven’t successfully had a lunch break yet. I’ll need to work on that-the last thing I need is to lose weight. Add to the job a high maintenance teenager, a busy 9 yr. old, and all the work it takes to keep a home running and you get one lady who is not going to use what little energy she has on a complicated sewing project. My plan is to coast as best as I can until the end of the year. It’ll be a little tricky at the end of the year when we fly to Texas for the holidays.

So there really isn’t much to say about this top. It’s two pieces, a front and a back. That’s it. The title comes from the song 10,000 Reasons. Sewing and all of you are some of the 10,000 reasons I have to be thankful.

The Facts: 

Pattern: McCall’s 6566

Year: Contemporary

Fabric: 1 yd leftover Galleria Knit from stash

Time to Make: 1hr

First Worn and Wear Again: I wore it to bed last night and will wear it again tonight.

Total Price: $0





Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. Cute! I love a good T for sleeping. Looks like you have one that will work for day and night.

  2. Not everything we make here has to be seen by the outside world : ) I appreciate a good sleep/lounge shirt like no other. If you saw what I wear around the house, working in the yard…let’s just say Stacy and Clinton would be showing the video footage on national TV and then dumping part of my wardrobe into that ubiquitous trash can.
    I’m just glad to see your smiling face every week. It’s been a long year and you’ve done some AMAZING stuff! Take care of yourself, have some fun in there somewhere and if you can share with the rest of us some of your amazing artistic vision we will EAT IT UP : )

  3. What Loran said! I hear you about the end of year craziness. I haven’t even thought yet about how to work ahead so I can post the last two weeks when we’re in Northern Germany. The top is cute and the way you’ve styled it you could run errands without a whiff of shame. We’re a very stylish bunch, but a lot people do walk around in their pajamas after all.

  4. It looks like a great top for relaxing in whether you are popping into town or lounging around the house.

  5. Great job as usual Gina, my gosh I’m hearing you too, time is so precious and we all need to use it wisely, December will be a hard one- just remember to take your lunch break :)