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There are so many different avenues to go down with this challenge and all of them got me really excited, I was going to go the Biba/Yves Saint Laurent circa 1969 upmarket hippy look, with an ethnic vibe because I like that stuff and because I had thrifted fabric and a suitable pattern that matched the look brilliantly all I needed was a complementary fabric to finish off the look but had no luck at all in finding anything remotely interesting. So I passed on that idea. | 1960'sAfter scouring Spotlight for what seemed an eternity I gave up and settled on this tribal linen/cotton fabric and took the 1960’s Yves Saint Laurent, Mary Quant optical graphic minidress route. Spotlight also had the very famous Mondarian inspired fabric too, I think i’d feel a tad too costumey in that number so I passed and went with the above. I’ll wear this again. So, next comes the pattern, I chose Simplicity 8536, the perfect 1960’s silhouette which is so basic and allows the graphic to do all the talking. The perfect 60’s cut. During the cutting stage I took extra care matching up the top circle because I really wanted the two circles to show up as the main feature. | 1960'sThe pattern was weird though or I guess if I had the time a muslin would of solved all of the issues, I rarely do muslins if I’m sewing weekly I just don’t have the time. So, issue one: the neckline had too much fabric you can see this in all of the photos, I even made a tiny pleat to try and remove some of the bulk. The pattern was meant for a lady with extremely broad shoulders and tiny boobs. Issue two: the two back skirt panels didn’t match-up flush with the front they were too short in width and because the pattern was thrifted I went back to check to see if the skirt back pieces weren’t from another dress pattern which may of gotten mixed up, and yep they were cut out at the correct size. So strange! The flare on the skirt was too extreme too it didn’t sit right so I had to take the bulk out by sheering off what had folded over on both sides. I’m thinking if I attempted to self drafted this dress I may of done a better job and may not of suffered time wise, too may issues. I wrote a couple of notes on the pattern as a warning if I were to ever sew it again. | 160's

The bodice is lined in the same fabric so you can’t see the shoulder seams or side seams which I’m pleased with it’s just that bulky business around the neckline that bothers me but not enough for me to not wear it again. I’ve sewn serged princess seams on the skirts sides, and placed in a normal zip. Serged and turned under sewn hem. I also made up the belt for the pattern but it seems to mess with the symmetry of the graphic so I left it off.

These photos were taken after I had sat in the car for an hour and then on St Kilda beach with my little family for another 3 hours so excuse the wrinkles. On the way to St Kilda beach we drove through an area that had a lot of 1960’s era style double brick houses and I spotted a wall of those air bricks, (whatever they’re called) and thought they’d make for a great background to the dress. The beach was a tad windy and yep I ended up with a healthy dose of sunburn, I was too busy fussing over the kids making sure they were protected up to their eyeballs to think about my poor legs. Ouch!! Apart from that the dress and I had a fab time, I got to just sit and relax and read my book, I loved every minute of it. Happy Days indeed. So, the question is do I pass for a Sew Weekly Youthquacker? hehe

Summer Mood-Best Coast (debut) the perfect soundtrack to any Summer.

The Facts

Fabric | Tribal Cotton/Linen

Pattern | Simplicity 8536
Year | 1970 but fits the 60’s silhouette 
Notions | zip and sunburn
Time to complete |  Approx 4hours
First worn | To the beach
Wear again? Sure
Total price |$14



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  1. That is so cool! Love the optic fabric, and it looks like you are having a great time at the beach! I find that the too-broad shoulder area is a common problem in later ’60s Simplicity patterns.

  2. That fabric is glorious! I see what you mean about this shoulders/neck edge, I wonder who their fit models were? But I don’t see it as an issue that would stop me from wearing it either, the rest of the features are just SO GOOD : ) We’re in the middle of a series of at least 4 very wet storms so I keep looking at your beach pics and dreaming of warmth : )

  3. I love the graphic print you used in this dress! I see what you mean about the shoulders/bust with too much fabric at the front, but it makes for a lovely sun dress. I think you definitely pass for a youthquaker in this dress!

  4. Another wow dress! Great fabric choice, so interesting! Since it’s a summer dress, you might want to cut the neckline deeper, maybe that would take care of the bunchiness at the top? You look like you had a great time at the beach. I’m envious, because we are having non stop rain,rain, RAIN, and it’s dark by 5:00! I’d love to feel a little warm sand between my toes.

  5. I’d wear it as is too and just call it a modified cowl neck. Or you could try Barbara’s suggestion and cut a V-neck right down to the seam, which would take out most of the excess fabric.
    Yep, if I had legs like yours I would wear mini minis all the time!

  6. Im running out of adjectives for your amazing creations.. and the beach… oh my..