Ruffles & Stuff Apron

Ruffle Apron

I am a little bit excited to be posting this week as it is the first time I have been able to post since February.  I disappeared for a while because I was pregnant and lost all sewing mojo.  When I realised that this week’s challenge was aprons I was pretty stoked because I just took part in a sewalong to make an apron that finished on the weekend.
Ruffle Apron

The Facts

⁃ Fabric: leftovers from Imogen’s nursery.

⁃ Pattern: Ruffle Apron Tutorial by One More Moore

⁃ Year: 2007

⁃ Notions: n/a

⁃ Time to complete: 2 hours

⁃ First worn: Last saturday for these photos

⁃ Wear again? Definitely! I love a good apron and I have a bad habit of wiping my hands on my clothes when I cook.

⁃ Total price: $0
Ruffle Apron

I have had this tutorial saved for about a year but have never gotten around to making it.  When the sewalong was announced I knew that this was the apron I would make.  All the material that I used was leftover from the quilt I made for Imogen’s nursery.  I love anything that helps me decrease the stash a bit.  If my stash looks smaller then Corey doesn’t get as annoyed when I buy new material!
Ruffle Apron

This apron was super easy to make and I managed to get it finished in a couple of hours.  Mind you those couple of hours were spread over a few days as I had to squeeze them in with housework into Imogen’s nap times.  Now I would love to say that this marks my return to regular posting on Sew Weekly but I don’t think that will be the case.  Hopefully I will be able to take part in a few more challenges before the year is out.



Kat Lane is a twenty something Gold Coast girl who just married the love of her life! She likes to sew, bake, knit and crochet. She loves anything vintage or retro inspired. Kat Lane loves to have a project on the go and can't stand sitting still unless it is to curl up with a good book.


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  1. Really, really sweet. I love your choice of prints. Makes me want to get back to quilting again.

  2. Well done Kat that is really sweet. I bet the quilt looks amazing – such pretty colours! If you are determined to sew then you will, but a small baby does make it very hard! Good luck!

  3. Very cute fabric! I can only imagine what the nursery looks like if the leftovers are this cute. :D

  4. Welcome back! What a very ruffly apron. I know this sounds silly, but until this challenge I don’t think I had ever seen a tiered, ruffled apron – only the ones with ruffles around the edges.

  5. Great way to use up those bits and pieces and have a pleasant reminder of your little one any time you wear it.