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kazzthespazz | ApronOkay ladies I’ve hung up the cooking apron packed away the tongs and wooden spoons and replaced them with some dangerous German dressmaking scissors and yes a very functional sewing apron. I want to talk quickly about those scissors up there, a couple of months ago I splurge on a pair of Robuso dressmaking scissors and I tell you they have proven to be the best thing in my sewing kit. I had them engraved with a quote that I love Do what you love, Love what you do. I have this written on the bottom of all of my sewing posts on my blog. What scissors do you like to use?
kazzthespazz | ApronOn to the apron, I wasn’t too wrapped when I read apron challenge, I certainly don’t need another cooking apron so I chose to think outside the box  a little. A sewing apron. When I’m sewing the one thing that really gets me frustrated is misplacing things, how many times have you put down your little snippers to find them gone when you turn around? When you’re pinning to your dressmakers dummy and the pins are on the other side of the table? I thought i’d make a practical workstation that I can pop over my head and be done with, everything in its place.
kazzthespazz | ApronSo here’s the lowdown; the apron was made from calico from LeStash, the pockets were traced out with tailors chalk. Using an old plastic linen bag  I cut up the plastic for the individual pockets and sewed them into place trimming the tops with cotton tape. I found this fancy cotton tape that has a rule printed on it and thought it fit the theme perfectly. I placed this around the neck and along the bottom it’s exactly half a metre along the bottom so if I need to measure something quickly I can use this. Practical or what?

I listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks when I sew, a pocket for my iphone was a must. The plastic allows me to access the phone without taking it out of the pocket, fully swipe-able. WIN! The large red button is there to wind the ear plug cord around so I don’t accidentally chop the thing off in a mad sewing frenzy. The tailors chalk pockets are a godsend, I always lose these or step on them. The pin pad I made from a thin layer of foam that I cut into quarters, I stacked them up and used some of the scraps left over from last weeks Halloween Dress to cover glueing it down and stitching it into place for extra security then I sewed the back of the apron on. As bogus as this pin pad may look I think it’s the perfect place for me to keep my pins when I’m working on the dummy.

kazzthespazz | ApronIf Vicki’s doing out-takes then I shall follow suit. I love a good laugh, my daughter said I looked like an ostrich with that face and my leg kicked out like that ha! it looks like I need to pee but I’m too involved in the Threads article about handling faux fur.
kazzthespazz | ApronTHEEsatifaction-QueenS-This song and this album is so damn hot. Check out this song if you’re not dancing by the end then, what can I say?….nothing really.

Happy sewing!

The Facts
Fabric | Calico
Pattern | Self Drafted
Year | In the Now
Notions | Foam, cotton tape, plastic linen bag, button brooch from my costume jewellery box.
Time to complete | About 2 hours
First worn | for the photos
Wear again? Yep every time I sew I think it’s super handy.
Total price | $3



Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. What can I say…….. That is totally AWESOME!! I look forward to your posts every week, and they never disappoint- you are amazing!

  2. OK, of all the fabulous things you have made, this takes the cake! What a brilliant, awesome, wonderful idea! I bow before your brilliance!

  3. I can’t tell you how much I need one of these!!! Super cool.

  4. This is the mother of all work aprons!!! I think I’m going to add some of your tools to my plain ol’ work apron – especially the chalk and pin board. Such a great idea!

    Also, I love my Gingher tailors points, and my Mondial dressmakers shears. But the Tailors points fit nicer in my hand.

    P.S. How do you like the weight and feel of your lovely engraved shears? They’re a beaut!

  5. I have to make one of these! I spend more time trying to find the essentials while sewing, than actually sewing. I love the iphone/headphone pocket. and the little snipers too. That pin cushion is priceless. I too, get everything ready to pin and then realize the pins are halfway across the room. As soon as I find clear plastic and some fun trim. I’m going to put one together.

    I love my left-handed Gingher sheers and I’d like to get a nice pointy pair of snipping scissors that are also high quality.

    P.S. I’m glad you like Pinkytoast. She’s quite the artist, he?

  6. You’re seriously one of the most creative people I know. I love it. :)

  7. Fabulous!! Now we need a pic of you in your workspace with your apron on : )

  8. This is so fabulously clever. I’d be worried I’d be stabbing myself in the boobs with pins though, I’m a tad clumsy when deep in sewing thought. I might have to steal the idea of hemming an apron or skirt with a tape measure though, it’s the one thing I’d love to have available when going to charity shops and discount fabric stores.