My “Sad Little Apron” Apron

I know the picture is overexposed but I like it that way. I figured if I was going to be unhappy with the project then I’d use the pictures I like best. This apron is….not good. No love went into it. I do love the pattern and would like to have another go at it sometime. Just look how cute it looks on the package-

I cut out the pockets too but as I got going I started to hate it. It probably has a lot to do with the fabric. I need to save money for work stuff and so I pulled out an old curtain from my stash. I should have bought something sweet and colorful or made it in leather with studs and spikes.

I have bias tape in orange and yellow but I didn’t think I’d be able to look at it with those colors so I made some with a tie that was attached to the curtain. It didn’t go so well. It bubbles around the neck. I scrapped the bias tape and just turned the seams under and attached all the pieces using a zigzag stitch. Lately my machine has been skipping a stitch here and there when I use the zigzag option so it just adds to the horror of it.

Here’s another picture that is almost the same but not-

It reminds me a bit of a school girl’s uniform. Maybe I should have played that up for the picture. Ah well-here’s to another project down anyway. See you next week!

Here I am goofing around-

The Facts:

Pattern: Hollywood Pattern 1224

Year: 1940’s

Fabric: an old lightweight canvas curtain $0

Time to make: about an hour and a half. I’m counting the time it took to open up all the seams of the curtain and remove the super long ties.

Will I use it?: I guess so. It’s just for cooking so it doesn’t matter so much what it looks like. I will never wear it around company.

Total Price: $0





Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. Your unloved apron looks much like my primary school uniform. :D
    I kind of like it. Maybe you’d like it more if you attached the stuff Kazz did on hers? Yours is a nice platform ready for some add-ons!

  2. I agree with adriprints, put some pockets on it and make it into a sewing/utility apron. Your feature picture reminds me a bit of a paperdoll cutout. Did you notice those dots on your arms? I can see that they are part of your blouse now, but they reminded me of brads that attach papers together, but allow for movement, just like a paperdoll.

  3. There is a certain uniforminess about it, but I guess aprons often were. It is a sweet pattern though and I’ll look forward to seeing what you do make and love.

  4. I can see the school uniform-ish look but on the other hand I think it looks more like something a professional/serious chef might wear. Maybe a TV chef? Anyway, I’m trying to say it looks very polished so you shouldn’t hate it. :)

  5. I can see why you might not care for it in a fashion sense but it looks like it could be quite practical. At the VERY least it’s a muslin but I agree with adriptints that you should add “stuff” to it a la Kazz and make it a work apron. I’m loving that pattern envelope art : ) If I could only do the housework in a cute dress and apron with my hair tied up like that..

  6. It is very Japanese schoolgirl, so I quite like it for that, but it isn’t quite the envelope aesthetic is it? I hope you have time to make it in some delicious fun fabric in the future!

  7. I might not stun the fashion world but it does look very practical and would cope pretty well keeping flour off your fabulous trousers. I do hope you make a leather studs & spikes one one day, that would be fun.