Gina, The Warrior Princess

I know I’m not quite Xena. For starters I’m too covered up and I’m missing swirly boob armor. Plus I don’t think Xena ever wore a cape. Guess that’s why I’m Gina and not Xena.

I don’t really wear costumes for Halloween. I usually use it as an occasion to wear some of my crazier wigs. This is what I wore last year-

The kids kept asking me if I was Lady Gaga. Nope-just me being me! If I had been trying to look like Lady Gaga I think I would have fashioned a dress out of chew toys that look like little steaks-

that’s an idea for next year.

I made this dress for my temp job. It was going to be a top but I decided to go ahead and use all of the fabric. I used faux fur for the front and back and an old sweater for the band at the bottom, the sleeves, and the collar which can also be worn as a hood. It’s not the best hood I’ve ever made but it works.

I wore it today with a skinny belt which I think looks better than this one. I wish I had better shoes and jewelry to wear with it. I felt a little like a cavewoman and not like my usual self. I’m not used to wearing head to toe black like this. I’ll spend the next couple of weeks thinking about the best way to wear it so that when I start work I won’t be distracted. It’s funny how clothing can affect your mood. It really affects mine. One bonus is that it’s really warm.

Maybe I should make it a top after all so I can wear it with my matchstick pants or my skinnies. What do you ladies think?

As a costume there were so many directions I could have gone. I could have sewn on extra arms and been a spider. Puffed it all up and been a beetle. I was also thinking California Raisin. I could have sewn little ears to the hood and been a cat. Wearing that necklace all morning put me in a warrior sort of mood so I went with it. I tied some fabric around my neck and borrowed some weapons from my young friend Noah over at ArkAardvark Productions.

Here’s my favorite picture-

I don’t mind the belt so much here. Here’s another sword one-

Do I look like I could kick some butt? The joggers and bikers around here didn’t seem scared so probably not.  It was fun running around with a cape on though.

Happy Halloween everyone! See you next week-

The Facts:

Fabric: 1 yd faux fur $7 and 1 used sweater $2

Pattern: McCall’s 6566 (sort of)

Year: Contemporary

Time to Complete: About 2 hrs

First Worn and Wear Again: Today and yes, I’ll wear it again though I’m not sure it will be a keeper for next year

Total Cost: $9




Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. Love the woman warrior costume! Thanks for sharing one of your great wigs. So hilarious!

  2. Ah, I love the wigs and that fantastic faux-fur cape jacket! I’m with you on the having no excuse for Halloween thing. I like the working warrior woman look, and I’m sure it’s much more comfortable than swirly boob armour and a little leather miniskirt!

  3. The cape definitely completes the warrior princess “look”. :D Love your blonde wig from last year’s costume!

  4. Totally kicking butt Gina! love that fabric!

  5. You kick ass : ) Need I say more?