Hot! The “Weigh the Anchor ” Shirt

The Facts

Pattern: None

Year: 1970’s

Notions: Anchor Buttons

Time to complete: 3 hours or less

First worn: To Balmoral Beach for the photos

Wear again: Maybe?

Total price: $15

I have written about my family’s affinity for the sea before but I haven’t worn anchors since I wore big plastic earrings with neon yellow mesh ankle socks one Christmas Day in the 1980’s. My Dad’s diver mates gave such a hard time that day, about the anchors, that I doubt if I ever wore them again.

I found this mens shirt in a local oppy for $11. It had a couple of tiny red paint dots on the front which probably explains why it appears to be unworn genuine 1970’s vintage. Score!

Mum helped me to pin out darts in the back. I did the front ones. The rule of darts and fitting is that you take out the same amount on either side so they are even.

I did two little embroidery polka dots to cover up the paint marks. I changed the buttons to these fabulous anchor buttons i picked up in NZ.

It was a nice easy up-cycle. I recommend asking your Mum, or a friend to help with pinning out your back darts – its so much easier than trying to do this yourself!

I am wearing the “Cat’s Meow” Jeans that I made back in May for 40’s Week. I have worn these a lot.

My Mum has been staying for a 5 weeks (Dad and my brother a week) helping me out but today we waved them all on their way, touring up to Queensland and my brother back to Scotland for work as a diver in the North Sea. Its been lovely having all my family around – weigh the anchor!



Trish lives in Sydney and has way more thrifted patterns and fabric than her fair share. She studied fashion design in her former life and sews while trying to not to burn the dinner.


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  1. Cute! They look particularly great with the jeans and scarf. I’d love to see a close-up of the buttons.

  2. Trish, you look super cute! I love this whole ensemble. The beach looks amazing!

  3. You and that backdrop? Perfect! Great shirt, you should of showed us those anchor buttons.

  4. Bethany said it, SUPER CUTE!! And pairing it with your jeans from earlier this year is perfect.

  5. I never thought to just put darts in an interesting men’s shirt and change the buttons. That’s a very clever upcycle. Kudos for such a creative project. You’ve inspired me to look a little bit closer at all those men’s shirts at the thrift.

  6. Thanks ladies, the little picture of my head is supposed to be the close up – but its tiny! I am not great at this photo editing stuff yet. Sorry about that – I will put a bigger one on my blo.

  7. I love the whole look! You look fabulous!!