Hot! The “Rosebud Warm-up” Redo

The Facts
Fabric: 1 3/4 yards Betsey Johnson rosebud print sweatshirt fabric from B&J
Pattern: boatneck from Simplicity 2192 (Cynthia Rowley), the rest from Sewaholic Renfrew
Year: 2011
Notions: none
First worn: 10/14
Wear again: yes!
Time to complete: a couple hours
Total cost: about $22

Not only do I have several projects that just need one little thing done to complete them, I also have an honest to goodness UFO from the Blue challenge.  Instead of working on any of those, I picked what was technically a finished object, my Rosebud Warm-up from the Olympics challenge.  In the sense that I was grossly dissatisfied with it, it was unfinished.  The short boxy shape with armscyes near my waist was just not working for me now that the weather is cool and I do want to wear a sweatshirt, which was not the case when I made it.

I had enough leftover fabric to cut the sleeve and hem bands for the Renfrew pattern and was able to chop up the existing sweatshirt into Renfrew-shaped pieces, with the exception of the boatneck, which I kept from the original pattern, Simplicity 2192.  I had to cut it smaller in the armpit area than I would otherwise, and the top of the sleeve caps were a little off since the boatneck is wider than the Renfrew neckline.  Due to the magic of knits, those were non-issues.  I really need to sew more knits– so forgiving!

This shape feels so much better.  My daughter took the photos, so the angle is a little weird and I had to salvage what shots I could with effects.  One of these days I need to get myself a tripod and learn how to use the timer.

let’s turn off that flash, little girl. . .



Lee is a highly educated stay at home mom with a lot of projects. She lives in New York City.


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  1. Yay! It’s nice to see things that you weren’t completely happy with become workable. I totally count that sort of project as a UFO. Stuff I sew isn’t done until I love it.

    I liked the first version of this, but your new version is even better.

  2. Very nice save. Now your top looks perfect. Hats off to the photographer’s candid shots.;)

  3. Great fit Lee and fab Betsey fabric. I agree with the knits being very forgiving, I do need to sew more knits myself. I recently picked up some second hand Threads magazines, one had some very handy tips on how to handle all types of jersey knits, tips on which needles to use, thread, stay tape in the shoulder seams, hemming, pressing etc. I’m feeling confident that I can sew with knits having these tips on hand. Knits— especially the very stretchy ones scare me. Great job Lee.

  4. Nice re-word! And I agree with Leimomi, I liked the first version but the new version is even better : )

  5. Oh that’s really cool – much better now and I liked it the first time around too. Love that neckline, the shaping and the sleevelength and slimline of them. Argh words are failing me today. Cool.