Hot! The “Riot, Please” Outfit

I have had such a busy week! I have a bin of clothing that I’ve set aside for upcycling so I figured I’d just use something from there to make it easy on myself and maybe get an early start so I wouldn’t be stressing about it. I pulled a couple of pieces out, a pair of pants and a dress, and then stared at them for the rest of the week. They’re still there. On Friday morning I had a brilliant idea and got to work gathering all the materials. I went to the thrift store and bought this skirt-

And this top-(sorry about it’s not a good picture. At least I remembered to take one!)

I’m not exactly sure why I bought the top since I didn’t need one for my brilliant idea. I guess it just looked interesting. The fabric for the front and back is a poly made to look like and feel like suede. It’s really quite ugly and dated. Not vintage, dated. It even had shoulder pads.

On Friday night I got to work. By about 10pm I gave up. I realized that I was going to need more time to think through the process if I wanted my idea to turn out well. I went to bed feeling stuck and bad about having wasted my money on 2 useless pieces of clothing. I woke up Saturday morning with a new idea.

I shortened the skirt by at least 6 inches. I cut it at about mid hip then adjusted the length to the bottom piece and gathered it at the top and sewed it on. Now it’s a drop waist skirt. I took that ugly sweater and made a pattern piece for the front by laying it on a large piece of paper and tracing the sides, bottom, and shoulder seams. I took a pin and “traced” the neckline and the curve of the sleeve by making holes into the paper through the seam of the top. I added a seam allowance before cutting it then took my pattern piece and placed it over this beautiful piece of rayon. Before pinning it on I folded over my seam allowance and pressed it.  After that it was pretty easy. I pinned it on and sewed it into place. I took the sleeves in too.

I love it! It’s amazing how different something can look with a little bit of effort. I even managed to stay with the $10 budget. The title is a Snow Patrol song and i picked it just because.

The Facts:

Pattern: Just the one for the top

Fabric and recycled items: 1/2 yd rayon $3.25, skirt $2.50 and top $3.50

First Worn: Today (without the flowers in my hair)

Wear Again: Yes

Total Price: $9.25



Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. That rayon print is stunning! I love the whole outfit, flowers and all. Hopefully, at some point, we’ll get to see your other brilliant idea : )

    • Thank you Loran! I would love to do more with that rayon print. Maybe I’ll get around to that idea next year. My busy season is just around the corner!

  2. It looks amazing on you, and I particularly love the flowers, and the top is fantastic (such beautiful fabric) but (I can’t believe I’m about to say this) I can’t believe you did that to the skirt! Your version is really cute, but I would have worn the old version to death! I guess it’s good we all have different styles ;-)

    • The skirt had a yellow stain on the front so I guess you can say I gave it another chance at life. No one would have worn it the way it was. I still like my version better though. the longer one would have looked sweet on you.

  3. Sometimes walking away from a project is the best thing to do and in your case it certainly helped. Love the floral front panel and how you styled your hair, are they feathers in the back there? Love the modern version of the skirt too I couldn’t imagine you wearing the original.

    I totally read the challenge wrong this week, go figure!

  4. I bought some blonde hair pieces from the dollar store and attached them to my bun. I didn’t think anybody would notice. It’s nice that you did.

    It’s Friday night and I haven’t even started my project for next week.

    I like your project for this week. The leather was thrifted so….

  5. That skirt is the perfect length now and the top looks very fashionable now! Fantastic job!

  6. You’re a miracle worker! I can’t believe how you were able to see through that skirt and top, and come up with something so fashionable! NO, I can believe it. we’re talking Gina for goodness sacks. Love the hair. It goes so well with your outfit.

  7. The sweater is incredible, such an improvement, but ohh, Gina YOUR HAIR!!!! It’s so lovely! You look like a modern interpretation of Frida Kahlo, outfit and all.

  8. Bah you teasing us with you were only going to make black things for the rest of the year! I hope you’re feeling a bit better, it’s not on that you’re feeling yukky when all your work is piling in. Stick with us kidda, we’ll pull you through! The collar and sleeves make that print even more stunning and you’ve seriously worked miracles making something beautiful out of that skirt. THE HAIR! I’ve been seeing flowers like this all over the runaways and wondered if anyone could make them work in real life – you’ve nailed the look! Fabulous!