Hot! The “I love patterns” blouse

The Facts 

Fabric: cotton shirting (from a classic man shirt) + scraps of navy cotton
Pattern: Deer and Doe Airelle blouse
Year: contemporary
Notions: bias tape, elastic, self-made piping
Time to complete:  4 hours
First worn: October 1st, 2012
Wear again? Yes!
Total Cost: 
4 euros (= about 5$)

I guess the refashion theme is perfect for all those people with a lot of imagination, who can take a garment and make something completely different with it.
I’m really not that kind of person. I can do that with fabric, when I see it on the bolt, uncut, I can usually imagine it in the form of a garment, possibly associating it to one of the many, many patterns I own. I consider myself quite good at this process, actually.
But taking an existing garment and make it into something new? I don’t really see the fun in that. I mean, I CAN see it, I just don’t feel it.

So, is it cheating if for this week I chose one of my new favorite patterns and I used a man shirt just like regular fabric? I don’t really feel guilty, since I had a lot of fun in the process and I’m quite in love with my finished blouse. I wanted to cut the yoke part with the stripes going horizontally, but there wasn’t enough fabric for that (nor for trying to match the stripes in the back). I guess not having a lot of fabric forces you into decisions that can produce surprising results, in my case the buttoned panel across the back, which I like a lot.

The pattern I used is the Airelle blouse from Deer and Doe, and it features so many cute details, from the chelsea collar to the gathered yoke, and it has nice vertical darts that assure you a super flattering silhouette. If you’re curious about this new pattern company, you can read more here.

The shirt I used was very nice quality and I found it at the local market, at a used garments stall owned by a very rude man. I usually avoid this stall because of its owner and because his clients won’t hesitate to sink their elbows in your arms when they’re rummaging in the clothes piles. No thanks. But it was perfect for this week’s theme because you can find some very nice things on a very small budget.
I guess it would have been nice to show you the original shirt, huh? I completely forgot to photograph it before cutting into it, so, just for proof, here’s a photo of the scraps I was left with:



Paunnet is actually Anna, an Italian girl who thinks that sewing is the best thing in the world. In 2011, she started a blog to document her sewing adventures.


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  1. Love this blouse.. and how cute it is with the buttons down the back.. cute,cute.
    i dont think you cheated at all.. Perfect.

  2. If cheating gets you a pretty blouse like that then cheat away girl! :) My favourite part is the buttons down the back, I may just have to steal that detail myself xx

  3. What a brilliant idea! It’s very sweet with the buttons down the back! I think this idea will catch on :)

  4. I love the back button detailing, very clever. I think you have a talent for re-fashioning too! I agree with kaitui_kiwi, I might just steal this idea too!

  5. It’s still a refashion if you use a pattern. I like the results-cute blouse!

  6. Love it Anna, especially the buttons down the back, it’s a great casual shirt, you wear it well.