Hot! The “I Can Explain” Scarf

OK. Before you say anything I did do a bit of sewing here. Not much-a bit. I can explain.

This is a really busy season for me and it was my birthday week. I know that some of you have managed to juggle all of those things and make something spectacular on top of it but I just couldn’t. By the time I had time to think about what I might make it was Friday and I knew I’d have no time for sewing on Saturday and Sunday. So I pulled out the remaining piece of plaid fabric I had from the plaid challenge because plaid is a western kind of thing right? I cut it in half and sewed them together. I did sew them together nicely just so you know.

Things are just getting started so I’m afraid the rest of my projects from here on out will be small. I have a part time seasonal job that will require me to wear mostly black (which sounds so sad and depressing) so I may have to make everything out of black fabric too.

I don’t want to miss a week so pray that I have time and energy to sew-

See you next week!



Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. This is a great picture of you. :)

  2. Love that scarf and your styling. You can do this just remember its meant to be fun not a chore and with your natural flair you can still have fun each week refashioning t-shirts or making ties, suspenders…apron week shouldn’t be too big. Oh, and stop apologising you noodle….you owe us nothing, you’re doing this for you. Smile :) we love you and your work!

  3. After all the great projects you’ve done this year, we can live with small ones or black ones. Just enjoy your sewing, styling, and sewweekly time. We’re almost there!
    Love the Scarf and how you wrapped it.

  4. You look casual, comfy and happy : ) And I’m curious to see what you do in/with black, a favorite of mine.

  5. It’s nice Gina, good luck with all the work. Things get crazy around here too towards Christmas. There are tonnes of parties and people go a bit nuts, trying to achieve tasks before Christmas. The malls are jammed. Then everyone goes on holidays for January. Terrible time to look for work!!

  6. Happy Birthday Gina. See you next week.

  7. Ah, come on….every week can’t be three piece suits and headpieces or we’d all burn out! Remember I posted a tube dress once? One seam and an elastic. Fini.

    And I agree with everyone else: this is a beautiful photo of you. I’m sure that even though the thought of sewing with black sounds boring, it would look dramatic on you.

  8. No explanation necessary. You look gorgeous, really happy and relaxed. I am still totally in awe of all of you who have managed to produce something every week – I have no idea how you do it. And as Barbara and Tempest said, it is all about enjoying your sewing, it shouldn’t be a chore. Oh, and Happy Birthday!