Hot! The “Fallen Leaf” Blouse

The Facts
Fabric: 2 1/2 yards Robert Kaufman Bermuda rayon from, $12
Pattern: Victory Roxanne
Notions: none
First worn: 10/20
Wear again: yes!
Time to complete: a couple hours
Total cost: $12

This week of sewing was as easy breezy as this blouse, hurray!  Ever since I made the Roxanne collar in the summer, I’ve been on the lookout for fabric with good drape to make up the blouse. I did have one mishap– what would my sewing be without mishaps? Not my sewing. While watching a television show and shuttling between rooms to read the pdf instructions on my laptop (which, yes, I could have moved), I mixed up versions 1 and 2 and sewed and cut the placket on the back, when my version calls for a front placket only. Really wish I hadn’t done that. The instructions are clear and detailed; I was distracted. I closed up the top of the back placket with the bias binding tie piece, so it looks like a slit opening that might even be a purposeful design detail. Still bugs me.

I’m loving the voluminous shape of this piece, especially worn with my one pair of what can really– to my horror– only be called jeggings. On a very rare shopping excursion I tried them on just for kicks because I do not understand the trend at all. I was shocked that they looked pretty good. They were on sale and I bought them. I haven’t been so successful incorporating them into my wardrobe, though. This blouse is perfectly proportioned for them and renders the butt crack issue moot. Yay!

About the color, I’m not so formal in my palette planning. I gravitate to certain colors by preference and gut feeling more than a thought-out plan. I picked this mustard shade because it screams fall to me, probably because it’s part of the palette of turning leaves (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, at least).

styled for fall, snapped sneakily by my daughter after we packed up



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  1. Oooh…that’s pretty! The colour is fabulous on you, and I actually really love the back detailing – the opening looks like it belongs, and adds to the gorgeous fall of the fabric. I’d call it a happy mistake!

  2. SO pretty..Love the fall color..

  3. What a great color and I love the back of that thing.

  4. You look gorgeous in this! Both the shape and the color are fabulous!

  5. Beautiful Lee, I really love the cut, and love how you’ve styled it on the last shot, don’t worry about the mistake it certainly doesn’t look like a boo boo.

    I’ve been eyeing off this pattern, I think you’ve helped me make my decision.

  6. I think this is just stunning on you! If you didn’t point out the back boo-boo (and we’ve ALL done it) I don’t think I would have thought anything other than “design element”. It is VERY fall-like and my favorite shot is the one your daughter took : )

  7. I think the draping at the back looks beautiful – this is a wonderful colour for Autumn.

  8. I love the back! It’s so stylish! Great candid shot by the up and coming little photographer. :)

  9. Thank you, lovelies! I recommend this pattern heartily.