Hot! The “Elvis Has Left the Building” Skirt

Dear Sew Weekly Friends,

I write this from my hotel room just a short distance away from Graceland. We drove all the way here for my birthday-my husband spoils me.

Since I’ve got to wake up super early to make the drive back (in one day) this will be very short.

I don’t really have a fall palette but I noticed that I’ve been making lots of blue pieces so I’m going to say blue. Blue and black (because of my part time job) and maybe some….other colors?

My best friend Angi gave me a bag of African fabrics her husband’s family picked up in Sierra Leone. This skirt was in there. It was longer and it had an unfinished waistband in a size 0. I removed the waistband and was going to make a better one in my size but I ran out of time. With only an hour to sew I used elastic around the waist and then shortened it. I love the fabric but am not crazy about the elastic. Someday I’ll remove it and go with my original plan. The piece I cut off makes a nice infinity scarf. I’ll finish the raw edge and wear it that way until I need it to make the waistband.

OK-here’s one more picture. The quality’s not good so I apologize for that-I couldn’t stop messing around. I was having a good time dancing to the Elvis music that they play non-stop in the pool area.

My bonus souvenir is a teddy bear I got from an Elvis impersonator. I also bought a mug, 3 pins, a bracelet, a Christmas ornament, 9 post cards and, my personal favorite, a retractable back scratcher.



Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. Happy birthday.. and how nice that you are getting to visit Graceland.. I live pretty close to it.. Have fun.. I love your out fit.. So cute.

  2. Very pretty outfit. Your styling with the jacket and boots is really fun to look at. Looks like you had a super fun time! You look so happy!

  3. What a fantastic present! Happy belated birthday! The leaf print on the skirt is just perfect for fall, and such a delicious colour combination.

  4. Ohhhh….how wonderful : ) I LOVE the pool shot! It looks like you had a happy birthday especially with that great outfit. You need to work in your “loot” into a post, or at least show us on your blog : ) Viva Elvis!!!

  5. You’re so lucky! Haven’t been to Graceland since college, would LOVE to take the family. Great skirt, great styling. Blue Hawaii has been in heavy rotation around here since my daughter discovered it. Happy birthday, Gina!

  6. Oh wow how fab! the skirt and the visit to Graceland. Lucky gal.