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Kazzthespazz | UFO

Do you recognise this dress? Yes, it’s the Gatsby Dress I’m trying really hard to ‘work it’ I thought I’d use this UFO challenge to change up the dress into something more wearable?  that— I believe is called a refashion? I know, I’m all about breaking the rules baby so just join me on my badass quest to become the most annoying person on The Sew Weekly.
Kazzthespazz | UFO

Can you pick what’s wrong with this dress? I think we were destined to never get along. After chopping off the bottom of the Gatsby dress I: placed darts in the back, chopped off those flutter sleeves replacing them with these capped sleeves, I reinforced all the seams with stay tape, tried it on for a final fitting deciding I was happy then proceeded to dye it black.

Kazzthespazz | UFO

Once it was dyed and dried, I placed the peterpan collar on, threw it over my head, stood in the mirror and just laughed, a big belly laugh, the thing shrank up to my thing. What do you do? From what was a very large tablecloth that would of fit a queen bed to now, a barely wearable dress all I can think is what. a. disaster, what next? should I sew a crotch and wear it as a swimming costume to scare the sharks off the beach, a new take on the one piece perhaps? Ha! Oh please, feel free to laugh along. I’ll send you a bag of lemons!

Kazzthespazz | UFO

I was going to line it but why would you bother. I had to take the photos in my backyard, my butt was hanging out the back, my hubby was like, yeah! that’s hot!! *eye roll*

Do you think I can make a bolster cushion of sorts?  D E F E A T E D !

Grace- Supagrass

The Facts

Fabric | Tablecloth

Pattern | Disaster Patterns Inc
Year |
Notions | Dylon -Black Dye
Time to complete | Dyed overnight, about an hour to reshape and fit.
First worn | for these lemon shots.
Wear again? Hubby thinks I should wear it with nothing underneath. He’s a comedian.
Total price | $10 for the dye, what a bummer hey!?




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  1. Pssssh! It’s still super cute but now it’s just a tunic! Throw on some skinny jeans or leggings and you’re all set!!

  2. Ditto what SullyLiz said- fantastic tunic-length shirt you’ve got there. I’d stick my skinny jeans into some knee-high boots to go with.

  3. I think you’ve got hubby’s birthday/christmas present right there : ) You did a magnificent re-fashion and are most definitely the BEST badass on Sew Weekly! Go with what Liz said a time or two and if she’s still not working for you break up with her and move on. I’ve donated a couple of my challenge outfits, no regrets. Time to move on!

  4. Love the hair! Looks great. Now that top. I think it would be a sweet little top over pants – a little shorter I would ditch the Peter Pan and show some skin around the neck/shoulder, as I said before – you game to go again?! Dare ya

  5. Waah! I love it as a tunic. It makes more sense to me this way than it would as a dress. It is very cool. But, actually anything you put on yourself is very cool.

  6. Wait, how is it not a shirt now? Can’t it be a shirt? It wants to be a shirt. It’s a shirt.

  7. Hilarious. I think you “worked it” just fine!

  8. Told you you should have just sent me the first version! ;-) Actually I agree with Liz et. al. – I think this is adorable and has lots of possibilities as a top over skinny jeans. Like Trish says, ditch the collar, cut the neckline a bit lower, and it will be fabulous.

  9. I agree with Liz and Trish, lose the collar and it will be a perfect lace overblouse with skinny jeans and a colorful camisole tank underneath. I also look forward to your creations every week. In the back of my mind, I wonder what we will all do in 2013? Will we still all be friends who love to sew? Will we still connect somehow? I hope so.

  10. I love it as a tunic! I think the peter pan collar is fab!

  11. Ha! I want your backyard and your haircut. At this point I would chuck the tablecloth top, honestly. I don’t think it looks bad at all, but I certainly know how it feels to be defeated by a garment TWICE. You just have to laugh and move on. And destroy the evidence.

  12. Yah! I was wondering if this would pop up again or if you had binned it. Wear it. Either as a top with something underneath, or as a husband-pleaser with nothing underneath.
    BTW, how do you have lemons?! Isn’t it just the beginning of spring there? Early spring in Montreal means only light frosts and about 2mm of grass.

  13. Yes, I agree. You just made yourself a pretty cool shirt!

  14. Even if it doesn’t work for you, you have motivated me. I bought a pile of old linens and crochet work at an estate sale this weekend. Where previously I would have had no interest in a pile of white doilies…I suddenly saw potential for a cardigan…provided I dye it some “neutral” color like fuschia or lime green.

  15. Haha that dress/top really had it in for you didn’t it. I love that you’re still grinning in the photos showing it who’s boss. I also love that we’ve all had our share of ‘disasters’/not quite us’ creations and yet we can still show to the world, laugh and move on. Those lemons look fab too.