Hot! Dimestore Diamond | Spring/Summer Palette

I have been thinking about a Spring/Summer palette lately and I know I wont stick to the colours I choose for this post throughout the coming warmer months we are about to experience here in Melbourne, I know i’ll be mixing it up a little and it really depends on my mood as to what I might wear from day to day. I have however noticed that I’ve been looking at a lot of earthy tones whenever I’m in Spotlight or out and about | Spring/Summer Palette

This week we are looking at my funky pants, Vogue 8738, talk about getting the most out of a pattern, round three right here. I love the cut of these pants, I love the way they fall at the front and they’re so quick to make, the perfect project for me this week. I love the brown earthy tones in this Linen/Rayon fabric which I scored for $5. I love the fabrics texture, it really suits the earthy print. I love, I love, I love. There is not much to say in the way of construction, serged seams, centre back zip buttoned up on the interfaced waistband. | Spring/Summer Palette

Here they are in action I thought i’d give these babies a whirl on the steps of The State Library of Victoria, there are always lots of school kids and office types sitting on the lawn and steps on their lunch breaks reading and studying and what not, maybe next time I can show you the inside of this beautiful building but for now I’m walking the grounds in my new Spring/Summer palette | Spring/Summer PaletteBeing Linen/Rayon my pants wrinkled in the car on the way, not a major issue and hardly worth mentioning really. I’m thinking a nice fitted waistcoat would sit well with this ensemble or even a light airy kimono top that drapes along side the drape of the pants, there is plenty I can team with these pants it’s just finding the right fabric print but for now, this ensemble suits me just fine for my day in the city. | Spring/Summer PaletteHere they are once again in flight, we’re about to take off. Oh how I love thee. I’ll name these babies after Gossips- Dimestore Diamond from their Music for Men album, I’ve been singing it really badly annoying my little family with my off-key howling.

Happy happy sewing lovelies.

The Facts

Fabric | Linen/Rayon

Pattern | Vogue 8738
Year | Contemporary
Notions | Zip and button thrifted
Time to complete | 2hours
First worn | For my little adventure to the Library and then out to lunch.
Wear again? Of Course
Total price | $6




Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. How stunning! This is really a Kazz pattern : ) I’m starting to see “necklaces” like yours in my area and I always think of you. I’m also loving the boys in the purple blazers behind you and the look on the girls face in the third picture. Can you believe we only have 9 challenges left?

    • Thanks Loran, I wear this necklace a lot it’s from the yellow challenge. There were heaps of people about, I had lots of compliments that day.

      9 challenges that’s all? what a year it’s been. Have you thought about your sewing for next year? I really want to bury my head into those Japanese pattern books and challenge myself.

  2. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Love those pants and the styling. I am so glad someone will be enjoying warmer weather as we bundle up for winter.

  3. Yes, I can totally see this topped with a businessy vest.

  4. You make Melbourne all the cooler. Great outfit.

  5. All those kiddies must have thought you were a designer / model out for a fashion shoot and they were trying to act cool and not stare. How could they not stare at your awesomeness?! I know those trousers would look like hell on me, but they look wonderful on you.
    I love your necklace / scarf thingy. It reminds me of old fashioned images of karyotypes. (

    • Haha thanks Vicki. My hubby kept saying do it again, go back up the stairs and walk back down again, I was saying just take the damn photos already, a seagull almost landed in my armpit, true story.

      I checked out your karyotypes and it totally does look like my necklace, I made that necklace for the yellow challenge. Mixing science and fashion? who would of thought!

      At work I’ve just completed three large digital prints of blood cells and other fancy blobs on a black background for a science dude and his large display cabinets that will be backlit, they look fantastic! I thought of you I did.

  6. Oh, those earth tones are so fantastically you! I’m also looking forward to spring and working with spring tones – can’t wait to see your summer palette!

    I’ve taken pictures on the steps of the State Library of Victoria too! It’s a great place for a photoshoot.

  7. I love the design of those pants. they look super comfy and I think the print is perfect. Great pictures too!