Hot! Cherry Cola | DIY Ann DemeulemeesterI logged onto Sew Weekly on Monday and realised I read the challenge wrong, that’s so typical of me, I read ‘something under $10’ didn’t even see the Refashion side of things. I’m a little disappointed in myself, hopefully you lovely ladies will still accept the ‘part 2’ of the challenge but without the refashion! and here’s me all excited because I had thrifted this rockin piece of leather and a bunch of tarnished buckles for next to nothing, it kinda all sucks now. I could say that the leather was part of a couch? or an old car seat? but it wasn’t it was just a rolled up untouched piece no stitching, holes nothing straight off the cows back. Moo boo! | DIY Ann DemeulemeesterHere’s my little story, you see, I’m a big fan of avant garde designers Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens, Haider Ackerman to name a few.  Ann Demeulemeester designed this belt and I thought I’d give it a whirl using this piece of leather that I know I’m super lucky to of found at a local garage sale for $2.99 bananas right? it was one of those moments where when you pull out your coinage to pay you do it in a nonchalant kinda way, you don’t want them to pick up on the mistake and change it to a more realistic price. I certainly was nonchalant I was rather proud of how casual I was, telling the lady that her flower bed was super pretty— as a distraction. Anything for a bargain right? Her garden really was super pretty. | DIY Ann DemeulemeesterAnn’s corset belt is a lot longer, something I wished of mine but didn’t have the length in the piece. I’m super happy with how it turned out, and do know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea which makes it more appealing in my eyes. You can probably work out how easy it was to make, a quick measurement of the bust for the front panel and strips rotary cut to the width of the buckles. | DIY Ann Demeulemeester The bag of buckles I found for $4 they’re all tarnished, and I’m okay with that it kinda blends in with the rustic look of the leather and keeps the challenge under the $10 limit. I used a leather hole punch to place the holes for the buckles at 20mm intervals. To mark these out for a good fit I put it on backwards and marked out the first hole for each buckle, deliberately zig zagging the buckles down my back. | DIY Ann Demeulemeester

It is a task to get into, hubby has to buckle me in, just like a corset needs help I guess. I wonder if the Ann belt has a secret zip of sorts? I can wear this lower as a belt, backwards or on the side of my hip It’s a matter of playing around with it and trying it on with different clothes to see what works best. I should also tell you that the leather is brown, here’s a colour shot. | Ann Belt


I’m pretty sure I’ve read next weeks theme correctly. I’ll see you all back at the raunch.

I’ll named this one Cherry Cola from Eagles of Death Metal. Album- Death by Sexy. Super danceable, hip swinging shoulder twitching stuff.

The Facts

Fabric | Thrifted Leather

Pattern | Self drafted
Year | contemporary
Notions | thrifted buckles
Time to complete | about 3 hours
First worn | for the photos
Wear again? of course, I’m looking forward to wearing it different ways.
Total price | $2.99 for the leather piece and the buckles $4



Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. That is pretty darn fabulous! Yes, not everyones cup of tea, but the mix of styles and aesthetics is what makes the Sew Weekly so awesome! I really like the back angle, with the buckles going across your back. And the white tunic you are wearing it with is beautiful.

  2. I like it! I love all the buckles in the back-very sexy and rock and roll!

  3. Hey you got the materials thrifted, they probably had a much different purpose originally – I say that’s a refashion! Plus this is totally bad ass! Fantastic job, as usual!!

  4. Love the back of that thing. And I thoroughly enjoyed your explanations and excuses. ;)

  5. I agree! Fabulous under 10 dollar creation. My favorites ways for wearing it, are buckled in back and unbuckled in front. Don’t be hard on yourself, you refashioned that piece of leather! Great photo-shoot and styling!

  6. It all made total sense when I saw your inspiration piece. I think it’s a re=fashion, you bought things at a garage sale with a completely different purpose and made something with them, something Kazz-cool. I love your expression in the last shot, as if to say “Seriously?…” You make me smile : )

  7. *raunch? that typo is killing me.

  8. I love it. I needs me a big harness / belt / corset like this, but my kids would probably hang off the straps and try to make me gallop. Maybe I’ll wait a few years.

    See you at the raunch ;)

  9. Yes, let’s go to the raunch! Great look, Kazz, and I agree– why get hung up on the criteria? You made something cool from bits nobody wanted, close enough. Your boots are bringing a tear to my eye– I had similar ones that fell apart from wear and haven’t been able to find any to replace them.