Hot! The “Polka-dots and Peplums” Shirt

The Facts
Fabric: Quilting Cotton $4/yd
Pattern: Mash-up!!
Year: modern
Notions: 22″ zipper, mustard colored thread
Time to complete: about 5 hours
First worn: 9/16 for pics
Wear again? YES!
Total price:$14

Oh polka dots, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…oh wait, we’re not alone? Well hello there!

Were all of you as excited about this week’s theme as I was? I don’t know about you, but there’s just something special and wonderful about a polka dotted anything. When I found this fabric I knew it would be perfect for this week. It’s also mustardy, which is very fall, and right now I can’t wait for fall. For those of us in the northern hemisphere it’ll be here next Saturday, September 22, but I digress. Then I found this pattern Vogue 8815. A polka dotted peplum? Be still my heart.

I knew when I purchased this pattern that fitting it to me would be a little challenging. Enter McCall’s 5927. The bodice pattern was almost identical, but for the fact that there are multiple cup sizes. But, you say, “That’s not the pattern listed up above.” I’ll spare you the gory details, but one muslin later, and in spite of the multiple sizing options, the fit was also a no go. Boo, I say!  After some combing through my pattern stash I found this lovely, Simplicity 2648. If you haven’t worked with this pattern I highly recommend it. Seriously, acquire it this instant. If you are bosomed, this pattern is here to help you out. I used S2648 for the bodice and V8815 for the peplum.

After I sewed this lovely up, I fell in love. Serious, shopping for houses and china love. So much love that I made another one, right away, the next day. Some of you may remember that I’ve sewed a peplumed top before. However, I was never very keen on the fit. It was all my fault. I used the wrong weight of fabric. Forcing fabric on a pattern is almost never a good idea. The fabric has to willingly participate. Gheesh! Lots of digressions tonight.




And in case you were still wondering how I felt about these patterns and subsequent shirt, here’s a picture.

I’m nothing if not silly!



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  1. That’s wonderful! You do look so very, very happy with it! It’s such a great colour on you too! I’d love to see it with a pencil skirt.

    • Thanks! I debated wearing it with a pencil skirt for the pictures, but decided on the jeans. I will definitely be pairing it with a pencil skirt in the future.

  2. It has a very flattering fit. Good for you for sticking with it and ending up with the perfect top. It’s very pretty and you look like your having fun, especially in that last picture.

    • Thanks! I didn’t notice the bust wrinkles before, but I made to add a little bit more room there. I guess I didn’t notice because it doesn’t feel tight and it moves around me, if that makes any sense. That last picture is so silly, I just had to include it.

  3. Great top, an you really suit that mustardy colour.

    • Thanks! Before this year I don’t think I’ve every owned anything yellow, besides a rarely worn cardigan. I like how these challenges are opening my eyes to new style possibilities.

  4. My vogue peplum bombed tonight. I may have to mash it up with that Simplicity dress pattern as well.

    • I recommend it Susan. The dart on 8815 is big and if I were to add more to it….gheesh what a mess. Really any bodice that works well for you will work well for this top. Thanks for the comment!

  5. You are so much fun Clarrisa and so is this top. I think I need to try a peplum top, they just look so flattering.

  6. I love your top..Looks great on you..