Hot! The ‘Must Try Harder’ Skirt

Just so you know, this is not exactly my most successful challenge, and the less said about the photographs the better. However I am posting anyway just to prove that I did complete this challenge.

This really was back to school week for us. A new  school for my eldest and a move to a new department at work for me.  I was amazed that I managed to do any sewing at all.  I used the same pattern that I used for my the Green challenge earlier in the year.  The green version is sadly unwearable due to it sneaking into the washing machine and shrinking to Barbie doll size.  Maybe I should have taken that as an omen. Anyway, the Facts:

The Facts

Fabric Grey, black and teal plaid – no idea what it’s made of, something synthetic and stretchy.
Pattern BurdaStyle Jenny Basic Skirt
Year 2009
Notions Thread, zipper
Time to complete about 2 hours
First worn For work on Tuesday
Wear again? With a long top to hide the zipper
Total price Nothing, everything came from stash


I did manage to make this on Sunday evening, and all went well except for the zipper, which just wouldn’t do what it was supposed to.  With packed lunches still to make and school bags to pack I cobbled it together quickly and it shows.  However this skirt is ridiculously comfortable to wear, so with the right top I will probably get a fair bit of use out of it.

Well that was Sunday.  It is now Friday morning and I have only just got round to submitting my post (sorry Mena!).  Am I the only one who finds that it is not the actual sewing challenges that make it hard to post each week, but getting my creations photographed and on to the computer?  The self timer on my camera is playing up so with much bribery I had to persuade daughter No. 1 to take the photos before school.  As you can see, her heart wasn’t really in it so I think I will just chalk this up to experience and move on to the next one.





Taracat is a beginning seamstress, scientist, teacher, mother, gin drinker, almost author, drama queen and a bit of a stroppy 'mare. She discovered The Sew Weekly in February 2011 while using the internet to teach herself to sew. She's getting there.


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  1. I’ve had one of those weeks too – well done for completing. I like that even with a problem zip it is still wearable, you just have to accommodate for it.

  2. Every time we sew, we learn something. Keep up the good work. Next time you’ll know exactly what to do.

  3. Cool skirt and lovely that you can wear it to work. Nope, I think most of us are fine with the making, but it’s the getting ready for pics, taking pics and thinking of what to say that’s the hard bit….so kudos to you for getting it done whatever the day!

  4. I like your skirt and color choice too.. Sorry you had such a rough week.. I think its been going
    Sending prayers that next week …things will smooth down..

  5. Cute skirt! Especially with that top!

    I have exactly the same problem with getting my items photographed. I need to count the time it takes to sew an item – and then the time it takes to arrange a time and place and photographer friend and photo editing and getting them up!