The “Long After Labor Day” Skirt

The Facts
: Japanese (Kokka?) plaid woven wool from a long bias-cut skirt, Bemberg lining from Paron Fabrics
Pattern: Colette Truffle from The Colette Sewing Handbook
Year: contemporary
Notions: interfacing, invisible zip
First worn: briefly for photos, taken as a last resort on my phone by my first-grader
Wear again: yes, in cooler weather
Time to complete: Entirely too long. Maybe six hours spaced out in tiny chunks.
Total cost: $10 for the lining

Of all the challenges, Back to School with Plaid is the one I’d most like to do over.  Amazing plaid visions remained solely in my head as I struggled to refashion a long bias-cut skirt I made last year, the only plaid fabric in my stash at this time.  No time or cash to shop for this week.  I actually loved the original skirt, but my zipper job was bad and the fabric around that side seam was ripped from wear.  I also couldn’t wear it with tights.

In order to have enough seam allowance to repair the zipper, I had to make the skirt a different, smaller shape.  I used the Truffle skirt pattern, since I’ve already made it up and I know how it fits me.  I lowered the waistline an inch and drafted a 1-1/2 inch waistband.  I also added a lining.  I did have to shop for a lining fabric– in a crazy family errand on the way to Central Park– which kind of renders my whole no-shopping-for-this-challenge moot.  Sigh.  Everything about this project was tedious and uninspired.  I just hope I’ll wear the skirt a lot when the weather turns cool and then cold.  That was probably the biggest problem this week, the soupy, sticky weather that makes sewing such a pain in my unair-conditioned set-up.  But done is beautiful, as a wise sage once said (Loran, right?).  The good news for my sewing, in keeping with our theme, is my daughter went back to school!  See you next week.



Lee is a highly educated stay at home mom with a lot of projects. She lives in New York City.


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  1. Love the skirt, despite not being a grandiose symphony in plaid it really is quite adorable and I’m sure very useful. I bet you could find time to sort an attack plan for one of your amazing plaid visions in time for the UFO challenge coming up…..?

  2. I think both pieces are really cute and yes, done is beautiful : )