Hot! The “I Should Have Made a Blanket Instead” Dress


I may not have to do any back to school shopping these days, but autumn does mean cooler weather and a shift in wardrobe regardless.  Goodbye tank tops and airy colors.  Hello sleeves and scarves.

I found this particular plaid a couple years ago.  I was going through a plaid phase at the time and was really drawn to the very vintage color combination.  Now that I think about it though, the fabric looks an awful lot like the cushions in the 1974 travel trailer that my family spent summers vacationing in.  Maybe not the best inspiration (consciously made or not) for a dress.

I do think, however, that I should add lots and lots of simple sheath dresses to my dress collection.  I also am a big fan of 3/4 length sleeves.  There’s something so elegant about them.  I can’t my finger on it, maybe it’s just the bit of exposed wrist or the option to add bracelets.

Maybe what I really should have done was turn this fabric into  a blanket.  With fall here and winter coming, I think blankets will soon be my outfit of choice.  In fact, I see lots blankets in my future.  Blankets and books.

The Facts

  • Fabric:  Cotton.
  • Pattern:  Self drafted.
  • Year: Contemporary.
  • Notions:  Zipper, thread.
  • Time to complete:  4 hours
  • First worn:  For photos.
  • Wear again?  I would guess not.  I like the color scheme of the plaid, but it’s very LOUD.  I feel like it’s one of those outfits that everyone on the street would have a comment about – and that’s only fun when you love what you are wearing.
  • Total price: $0 – everything was from my stash.




Liz makes her home in continuously gray, but lovely, Portland, Oregon. The cloud cover and raindrops only contribute to her dressmaking habit. Liz believes that all dresses should have pockets and all pockets should hold kittens.


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  1. I love orange so would totally wear this again if I were you, you look so mod/60s!

    You’ve done a great job matching those plaids Liz! Awesome!

  2. You’re kidding! You’re not in love with that dress?!? It’s beautiful and looks so lovely on you. Pull on a blazer, cardigan or sweater and you could tame some of this so-called loudness, though I think the plaid really keeps the mustard tones from being loud at all.

  3. It looks very 70s and borderline tacky, but I think that’s why I love it! If the too much plaid concerns you maybe tone it down with a burgundy plain sweater or a mustard plain sweater?

  4. I actually really like it!

  5. 1) Thanks everyone – maybe I will give it a spin in public. 2) I should have mentioned that I was pretty proud of how my plaids lined up!

  6. It’s a great plaid dress! I love the orange color. In fact I think I may have some very similar plaid fabric. You may not like it, but I think it is gorgeous! Great fall colors, for this approaching season. Adorable sleeves too. I think I’ll have to pull that fabric out and make something similar. I did notice how well you lined up the plaid. Fine job on that too!

  7. I really hope you wear it. The plaid colors, with that style dress, looks perfect for fall–and especially once it starts raining, Portland really needs color. Also, I promise that if I ever run into you, I will have only good comments. Love it!

  8. I don’t think it’s too loud at all, and it really suits your colouring. You should totally wear it again, it’s gorgeous.

  9. Can’t believe you don’t want to wear it – it’s lovely and suits you so well. And I think the colour combination isn’t loud at all!
    Love the pattern you drafted for it, too.

  10. I disagree with you, 100%! This dress is lovely in this fabric! Very cozy, and chic. I love it.

  11. That’s a fantastic dress! I don’t find it loud at all, but I tend to wear crazy psychedlic prints on a daily basis. Please send it to me if you decide you won’t wear it. Heehee!

  12. It is bright, true. But it really works well and you look great in it. Try to love it a little more and you will love the comments too!

  13. I really like the colours, and I think the work well on you. I also concur on a cardigan, or perhaps a button detail down the front (oooh…add a bias cut placket!) and a wider belt to break it up. Definitely a dress with possibilities!