Hot! The “Feeling Blue” Dress

The Facts:

Fabric: Navy silk linen ($5/m), Street Sign from J’adore Stella ($8.98/m)
Pattern:  My own: basic bodice with sweetheart neckline and half circle
Year: 2012!
Notions: Matching concealed zipper
Time to Complete: 6 hours
First Worn: Out and about
Wear Again: How can I resist wearing my favourite city?

Total Price: ~$11

The main inspiration behind the dress is that I want to wear my favourite city. I went to France for a 4-week exchange this summer and I really miss my time there. One regret is not spending enough time in Paris which was a rather expensive place to live in. First step to wearing Paris? Embrace the street names/attractions de Paris (You can read about the second half of my dress story on my blog). Out of all those featured, I’ve been to half of them. More of the dress story on my blog.

I realised I haven’t been practising all my drafting skills from the beginners course that I attended so I decided to experiment with the different necklines. I used the sweetheart for this particular number and chose a half circle skirt that I can twirl in, partly to tone down the straight-in-your-face alignment of the print.

Since I had about half a yard of the fabric left, I decided to use it for the interfacing and bias tape too.

Signing off with a view de la Paris de la Sacré Coeur:



Educator; Musician; Leisure Seamstress I have always wanted to turn bundles of cloths to wearable pieces since young. It was finally a dream come true in February 2010 when I began my lessons at Kadomay. No turning back ever since! I love colours, cheongsams, lace, dresses, anything aesthetically pleasing. I don’t believe in ready paper patterns. I draft my own patterns. I love to feel, see, smell and touch cloths. I love the sound produced when you cut a piece of fabric (with a pair of sharp scissors of course). My dress-making motto Minimalist, sophisticated, elegant, to be worn at any time of day (Coco Chanel)


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  1. Cute top! I really love the way you used the fabric for bias tape to finish it. The skirt is really cute too. Good thinking to make it a circle and skew the straight letters. The whole assemble is very flattering on you. I want to go to Paris!

  2. Pretty.. Looks good on you. Love the fabric.

    • Thanks Judy! Can’t have enough of Parisian-theme fabric. I’m working on a map of Paris now. You can try wearing your favourite city/place too!

  3. wow, great job! Love the neckline facing, sweet fabric choice!

  4. This is so pretty! Love it!

  5. look so sad in such a pretty dress, but I might look the same if I had the summer you had! The bias edgings are great (says one bias maker to the other) and a perfect tie-in : )
    (If you look closly at the wall in my post you can see a map of Paris on the right side…)

    • Thanks Loran! I didn’t realised that I looked sad. Paris is so beautiful and I was so reluctant to leave that place. I always love hidden details like this and it was such a pity to waste this piece of fabric.

  6. Don’t be blue, it’s a pretty dress with pretty memories I’m sure. Don’t be sad that its gone but happy that it happened as Dr Seuss said better than I can. Love the bias tape.

    • Thanks Tempest! It was indeed filled with lots of beautiful memories. Hope to return soon! Me too! The bias tapes are so easy to make, and a good way to use up remnants.