Hot! The Casual Suspender Skirt

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Pattern used:

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Fabric: Lightweight blue denim, $5/yd, 2 yds
Pattern: McCalls 3730
Year: 1956
Notions: two covered buttons, one invisible zipper, $1
Time to complete: 3 weekday evenings
First worn: I haven’t worn this yet
Wear again? Yes!
Total price: $11

I wanted to emphasize the casual nature of this skirt, since it’s made in light blue denim, so I paired it with a jersey t-shirt and flats.

I’ve wanted a suspender skirt for a long time, and finally got around to making it. However I don’t own a lot of unsaturated colors, so I had a hard time trying to find something to pair it with.

For the most part I stuck with the pattern, but added some changes:

+ shortened the hem
+ adjusted the waist and hips
+ tacked on the suspenders to the covered button instead of making a buttonhole, since making a buttonhole through 2 layers of fabric seemed cumbersome
+ changed the back slit to a back vent
+ adjusted suspender length

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Janice has been sewing her own clothes for the past few years and enjoys sewing from vintage patterns, especially the 40s, 50s and 60s.


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  1. What a cute skirt.. WOuld look so cute with a red tshirt…Happy sewing.

  2. Cute skirt! And I definitely second the red t-shirt vote, or a crisp white blouse! (and now I really, really want that pattern!)

  3. Nicely done! I’d wear that in a heartbeat.

  4. Very adorable skirt! In fact, I think it’s very versatile. You can play with the colours of the inner tee, or even make one in black for a formal look!

  5. I love this so much!!! And I really like how you’ve paired it with flats and a tee. That’s the way I’d wear it, I have no use for the dressy version.

    I’ve been ALL over Etsy looking for a similar pattern. They have the same one, but it’s only sold in a set with another pattern.