Hot! The “Bye Bye Bump” Top

The Facts

Fabric: about 1 metre of lightweight blue knit, gift from TJ as part of the One+/One* swap
Pattern: Jalie 2787, also from TJ
Year: current
Notions: about 20cm of elastic from my stash
Time to complete: 1.5 hours
First worn: for these photos
Wear again? yep
Total cost: free!




Notice something missing in these photos?

Yep, the bump is gone! (Well, not fully gone, but there’s a baby-sized part of it missing.) Our little boy Drake arrived on Monday 17 September – a day after we took the photos for my 40’s meets 80’s bolero. Ain’t he cute? We absolutely adore him. :-)

However, with his arrival comes a whole new set of wardrobe challenges. I’m not sure why it took so long to occur to me, but I realised that what with the whole breast feeding thing, hardly any of my current wardrobe is going to work. (Except for all those cardigans and boleros I’ve been making this year, that is.) Thankfully, the lovely TJ sent me a copy of Jalie 2787 as part of a swap she ran. How perfect is this pattern? It’s adaptable so you can make it a breast feeding friendly top. As soon as I saw it, I knew I’d be making a few of these. (Thanks, TJ!) Check it out – easy access!

This was my first experience working with a Jalie pattern. In fact, I’d only just heard of them about a week or two before TJ sent me this one, so it was quite a nice discovery finding out about them! I’m impressed at how many sizes they cram into one pattern – this top has everything from a size 2 years old up to quite a large size. The pattern itself was pretty easy to make up. The only moment of confusion I has was with the elastic that gets attached to the top of the front (under the crossover parts) – the pattern gave just one length for all sizes, which just doesn’t make sense. So I cut a length slightly shorter than the width of the fabric it was being attached to, and went with that.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this top. Only thing I’d change is where it crosses in front, as it cuts right across my boob. But since I’m planning on making a couple more of these, I’ll alter that for next time. :-)



Kat stumbled upon The Sew Weekly at the end of 2010. Inspired by Mena's creations and dedication to sewing each week, Kat stitched along with all the weekly themes for 2011. Through The Sew Weekly and the girls who contribute to it, she deepened her passion for vintage styles and started amassing a large collection of vintage patterns. Now she needs an excuse to try using them all.


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  1. Welcome to the world Drake – it’s lovely to see who has been taking front and centre in your photos this year. Great top, looks lovely and ideal for the purpose at hand.

  2. What a beautiful boy! CONGRATS!!!! And yes, your boobs will get huge and you’ll make/need many more of these tops : ) Sleep well, sleep often and just enjoy.

  3. What a great post! Welcome to The Sew Weekly Drake – We could use a man around here. ;)
    Tops like that are quite handy for the first year or so; I wore a lot more knits than usual after my babies arrived, partly because I was home and could be casual, and partly because my shape changed constantly: big belly to small(er) belly, small boobs to HUGE to somewhat big, etc. I found it easier to live in knits rather than feel uncomfortable and spend more money on clothes every time I shape-shifted.
    If you don’t mind a word of experience: I second Loran’s command to sleep well and often; with my first baby, I jumped right back into everything and thought “the baby should fit into our lifestyle, rather than we adjust to him.” HA! I was exhausted and hemmoraged for 8 weeks. After my second, I spent all day lying on the sofa, feeding her, napping with her, and reading books, while my sister and mother filled my freezer with homemade meals. It was heaven. Happy Mama = happy family!

    • Haha oh dear, I must admit I haven’t been resting nearly as much as I should. I intend to resolve that this week, with a lot of hanging-out-on-the-couch time. ;-)

      • Sorry if that was TMI for some readers, but I find that people don’t always tell you the whole truth about “What to Expect AFTER You’re Expecting”. Bring on the Drake outfits! ( only after you’ve had a good rest).

  4. Yay! Congratulations! He’s lovely, and I’m super impressed that you managed to sew a shirt and have a newborn around!

  5. Congratulations Kat! What a gorgeous little boy …….. and lovely top! Enjoy the time you have to sew, & the time you ave with baby, both are important!

  6. Yeahh Kat, wow that some fast sewing post baby.. I’m so happy for you

  7. Awww! Welcome to the world, Drake! What a cutie!!!

    big hugs!

  8. Congratulations Kat and welcome Drake. A first Sew Weekly baby!

  9. What a beautiful boy. Heartiest congrats!

  10. Congratulations on your new baby boy! And, lovely top! I’ll pass along the pattern to my soon-to-be-mom friends.

  11. Congradulations Kat.. Baby Drake is adorable.. and mama is looking fantastic.Lovew your blouse.. The blue looks great on you.. Sending prayers for each of you..

  12. Thanks for all the lovely words ladies! You’ll probably see Drake on here a bit more in the future – I have lots of plans for cute outfits for that boy. ;-)

  13. Congratulations, Kat! So happy for you. My little son is totally in love with your baby. He kept telling me how cute he is and he didn’t allow me to scroll on for quite a while. :) The top is great. I would have needed something like this when my son was born. Oh well, I’ll keep this pattern in mind for the next baby. ;)

  14. Congrats to you Kat he looks absolutely gorgeous, and so do you. Thanks for sharing. Great top, so nifty. Enjoy these first newborn weeks, before you know it they’re teenagers it all just goes too quickly. Rest up and enjoy.

  15. Whoa! Congratulations and how did you manage to sew and post with a newborn?! Very impressive. That top looks pretty clever. Welcome to the world, Drake.

  16. YAY!!! What a beautiful little boy! You look amazing too-great top!

  17. Congratulations! He’s gorgeous and you look totally radiant. I can’t believe you have managed to find time to sew. Don’t over do it though, get as much sleep and rest as you can.

  18. Congratulations! You look so happy and baby is just as cute as a button. Enjoy!

  19. Welcome Drake! You have such a clever and fun Mum.

    Love the top, you need ease and comfiness and that’s a great colour too. I don’t want to tell you what to do because I know from experience I very rarely listened to advice even if looking back on it, it was good. But do try to look after yourself, so much attention will be on Drake that you will occasionally have to stamp your feet and demand time for yourself…..but if you’re half as stubborn as me you stopped reading this sentences ago ;)