Hot! The “Bored to Death” Skirt

During a movie night with my high school girls we all brought clothes along so we could play “dress up”. I remember telling the girls that I did not like polka dots. Several weeks later I found a dress at a thrift store that was sheer with cute sleeves and and some beautiful draping along the bottom which hit mid calf. It was black with small white polka dots. My thinking was that I should give them a try-I may like it. I wore it a couple of times and decided that I don’t mind them so much but they’re still not my favorite.

I don’t like this skirt. I like feminine with an edge or at least some sex appeal this is so plain and…..not exciting. Vanilla. I know that some of you may like this so I want you to know that it’s a fine skirt it’s just not my style. It would look way better on you I’m sure.

Lucky for me I wasted no money on this. It’s a dress someone gave me that didn’t fit. I separated the bodice from the skirt, chopped off about 4 or 5 inches, and added a waistband using fabric from my stash. I kept the zipper in and just shortened the length.

There really isn’t anything else to say about it. I promised to give you polka dots and I did.

The Facts:

Fabric: Upcycled dress $0, Black fabric from stash $0

Pattern: None

Total Price: $0

First Worn: For these pictures

Wear Again: Never



Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. Hahaha! It looks like you wanted to get this over and done with. I see that polka dots don’t suit you. For me, the polka dots must be small. Nothing big. Just small and dainty. Plus sides: This skirt shows off your great legs, and you spent nada on it! Way to go. I am looking forward to the blue challenge the most! How about you?

    • I have to try and spend as little as possible this month. I went to a clearance sale at a local consignment store and ended up spending more than I thought I would. So $0 or as close to it is the way to go for me this month. Sounds like you have something cool to show us for the blue challenge-can’t wait!

  2. Gina darling, this is an intervention. Stop making things that don’t bring you joy. You should have made some polka dot suspenders or a tie and then spent the week eating chocolates! Please please please have some fun this week with blue and make the edgiest raddest thing you can possibly imagine because I want to see you smile again. The skirt is lovely but then I’m all things kitsch (as you’ll see from my dress this week) and love polka dots. Don’t waste time on things that don’t bring you joy, life is way too short. This is the point where you throw pies in my general direction and tell me to shut up btw.

    • Polka dot suspenders-now that would be cool. Thanks for the intervention.

      I think I’ll be back to form next month. This month is about transition and making clothes on the cheap!

  3. That review plus your bored expression is priceless. Great project.

  4. It does look a little prim and proper, but you never know, you just might need that kind of look for uh….something? Halloween maybe?

    • I thought about making it a bubble skirt-I think I should have. It would have a bit more fun. I’ve put it in the donation bin-someone else will like it.

  5. Agreed, not your style althought I feel you can put it off anything. Go on, give it to someone and get back to your funky clothes.

  6. I LOVE what Tempest said, especailly poignant coming from the mouth of the woman who made a little black dress she hated…but seriously, I love the expression on your face here! The skirt isn’t *that* bad, just a little sedate for Gina. Donate it and move on. Now go out there and do something Ginawesome!

    • Loran, this was exactly the first thing that came to my mind when I read Tempest’s comment: “And this is the woman who made a black dress she hated.” ;)

  7. Thanks for posting, even though you weren’t pleased with the result. I think those are just as important. I third what Tempest said, completely great advice. Did you think about dying it a bright fuschia? That might take out some of the plain.

  8. Wow! You look so – conservative? It’s a nice skirt, but definitely not the Gina we know and love.

  9. Well, I really love the alternative squished-together polka dots, and it’s a great skirt, but not at all you. Pass it on and make something that you’ll love all the time!

  10. Maybe we can mesh this skirt and the tablecloth dress together and make something chocolaty as opposed to boring vanilla.

    Polka dots and cherries for me were well over-cooked with the whole 50’s revival. A nightclub here once wrote on their flyers. Dress code: No polka dots or cherries allowed. Ha!

  11. I have to say that you still managed to find quite an unusual polka dot fabric (which in itself is very much your style, I’d say) but I see your point…it’s not your style anyway. I am sure someone else will love it. I have to admit I like your “rebel rebel” outfit a lot more and all the other things you’ve made so far.