Hot! Shivers | Plaid Challenge

Hello from the snow! guess what lovely ladies? In the 41 years I’ve inhabited this earth I have never felt snow. I know, I know, I’ve lived a sheltered life. Ha! but here I am standing in the thick of it! So, my photo’s for this week kinda look all the same because I was too wrapped up in my surroundings and my family to think about posing and what not. My gosh my little family and I had the best day ever toboggan heaven and snowball fights galore. | Plaid Challenge

Here’s my plaid submission for this weeks challenge-made from Burda 7751, I do love a motorcycle jacket and I live in my leather one teaming it up with most of the garments I make however, don’t look too close, the two front panels don’t match up, arrrr! I didn’t notice until these photo’s and I’m okay with that, there’s no way I’m pulling this thing apart just to line them up either. I’m calling this one a spazz special. I cut this pattern out early in the week knowing it would be a bit of a challenge for me but once I have my mind set on something it’s hard to change it. I did all of the hard yards on my Friday night sewathon, dead tired from seeing The Beat the night before, I only had a couple of hours on the Saturday to get it finished. I had some errands to run, Fathers Day shopping to do and had to get things ready for our day trip to the snow. I felt like I was holding my breath all week and only started to breathe again when we hit the snow ahhhh… apart from that I love this jacket! I love the colour and the fact that the fabric was thrifted! that’s a win for me. | Plaid

Don’t mind me, I’m just going to slot in this photo of the mist and these slender tree’s that I snapped as we twisted around the winding roads and through the forest, the view was spectacular and it was only an hours travel in the car from ours. Why haven’t we been to the snow earlier? We moved to Melbourne from Sydney three years ago and I guess we are still exploring. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. | Plaid

I find Burda Pattern instructions a bit naff to follow do you? I threw them out the window in the end and just used my initiative. I didn’t like how the sleeves were in two parts front and back with a seam running down the front middle, I would of preferred just one piece especially with this fabric. The pockets at the front are silly too. they only fit half of my hand in there, too small for my iphone even and all the fussing about putting the zips in etc to only have them be practically non functional. Meh! I’ve jotted down the things I dislike about this pattern for next time. I’m expecting my next attempt to be much better. I still want to make a belt for the bottom I think it will finish the jacket of nicely, I should also mention that the jacket is lined and has buttoned shoulder loops not part of the jackets pattern.

Yay! Snow

All of a sudden this appeared as we drove deeper through the mountain, my kiddies really wished it was Christmas that day, instead we spend Christmas on the beach. Crazy Aussies! | Plaid Challenge

Here are some previously sewn plaid garments of mine- my kiddies in punk plaid and my plaid pintucked taffeta dress.

Shivers-The Boys Next Door.

The Facts

Fabric | Cotton plaid and green voile lining.

Pattern | Burda 7751
Year | Contemporary
Notions | 1 open end zip 2 small regular zips 6 large buttons
Time to complete | Approx 6 to 8 hours
First worn | to the snow
Wear again? Sure will
Total price | $15 all up




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  1. Love this. The colour is so fantastic and despite being impractically small, I love the zip pockets and those fab button tabs. I love snow and miss snow angels & building snowmen. Lovely seeing your smile.

  2. Love the fabric! Love the color! Isn’t snow fun? Hope it doesn’t get too crazy, though. I find snow to be beautiful until it’s a blizzard.

  3. Awesome jacket! I can’t believe you hadn’t experienced snow before this. I live in the middle of the US and we get tons’o’snow dumped on us every winter. When we lived in Portland, OR for a few years I really missed it. However, now I find snow’s great for the first month and then I’m pretty much ready for spring. Ha!

  4. OMSH! The plaid jacket is so sweet! That said, that is barely snow, I live in northern Illinois, U.S., and that is sort of, but barely, snow. Not that I can fault anyone who isn’t fond of shovelling out their front door so that they can then shovel out their driveway, but I’m just sayin’.

    • Hello – we have good ski fields in Australia and a ski season. I have to admit I didn’t now that till I moved to Canberra from UK 15 years ago. Sometimes you can see snow on the mountains surrounding Canberra and occasionaly we have a flutter of snow too!

  5. Super cute. Love the zipper. I can’t believe that is the first time you’ve felt snow. I can’t wait for winter in the states.

  6. Great little jacket and it goes so well with the snow! Glad you were able to experience it. The photos are georgous!

  7. Wow – I haven’t been up to the snow for a few years now and you’ve brought back some great memories. Cool jacket and the gloves match perfectly.

  8. You made a jacket!?! Nothing scares you. I am still trying to wrap the idea of making a jacket/coat for myself. You did a fantastic job, and so happy that you got to experience snow! The pictures are beautiful. It’s 90 degrees here, very far from snow temps. I agree with you on the Burda instructions. I never follow them and then make up my own.

  9. Thank you ladies for all of your lovely comments. I really appreciate your kind words.
    I’ll be making a trip to the snow more now that it’s just around the corner.

  10. Hi Kazz-Love the jacket! The colors are amazing. I didn’t notice the mismatched panels until you pointed them out. It doesn’t really show with all that lovely color. Burda has some great ideas. I wish they put a little more thought into the patterns.

  11. That is a great jacket! Just gorgeous!

    I totally understand what you mean about Burda patterns – the pieces are often a little strange, and the instructions are worse than useless.

    And yay for your first snow! Despite being raised in Hawaii I’m not quite as much of a snow newbie as you, but it’s still pretty rare and special and exciting for me – I’ve only seen it four times.