Hot! Rebel Rebel

Clearly this is not the dress I started working on at the beginning of the week. I was going to use Butterick 5533-

I made all of alterations to the pattern then got to work on the muslin. I wasn’t really happy with it. I didn’t like the gathering in front. I thought maybe I’d adjust the pattern by taking out the gathers and making princess seams instead. That meant work I wasn’t really up to. I pulled out a tunic pattern I have and thought I could combine the two by adding the skirt to the bottom of the tunic. By this time it was Friday and I hadn’t even gone to the fabric store. I went to the fabric store thinking I’d make the dress out of houndstooth and maybe add some other fabric to contrast like the pretty dresses in Stella McCartney’s Fall 2012 collection-

Well I got there and saw that they had just gotten in some new fabrics for fall. I fell in love with this french denim. It’s got a snake print on it and a little bit of sparkle. It was screaming to be made into a cute pair of pants. I ignored the screams and decided to look in another room. That’s when I spotted this chiffon fabric. This would look great as a simple top over my chambray button down…I’ll just buy a little and make it after I make my dress for the Gatsby challenge.

I just wasn’t in a dress kind of mood. I got to talking to Stephanie who was cutting my fabric.

me: I’m supposed to be making something inspired by Great Gatsby. This isn’t going to work is it?

Stephanie: Well, for some the 20’s were a time of rebellion.

me: Perfect! I’ll be inspired by the rebellion and call it “Rebel Rebel”.

The dress will just have to be made another time. I’m glad I used what little energy I had to make something I’m really happy with. I hope you all don’t mind. I’ll try not to make a habit of it. OK? Next week I will make something with polka dots and not comfy lounge pants out of that fabulous purple paisley that keeps dancing around in my head.

Pattern: Butterick 5682 for the pants and Burda 8220 (kind of) for the top

Year: Current

Fabric: 2yds coated french denim $19 and 1 1/4 yds poly chiffon $5

Notions: 1 zipper and 1 button from stash

Total Price: $24

First Worn: Today-to church and to run errands. I felt so stylish  running around in this.

Wear again: Absolutely!






Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. Very clever of you, you rebel. :)

  2. Time to play Six Degree of Gatsby Separation:

    1. Snakeskin trousers, meant to look like they’re made out of snake….
    2. A snake tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden….
    3. Eve was tempted to eat the apple….
    4. Apples are often green…
    5. A green light shines each night at the end of Daisy’s pier and is watched every night by Jay Gatsby…
    6. Gatsby wears trendy trousers.

    Pah, call yourself a rebel! Your creation fits the bill perfectly (if you think wonky like I do).

    Very cool trousers btw. They look so ace and fit you beautifully.

    (BTW everyone, have you all seen that if you type ‘Bacon number’ and the name of an actor or actress into Google, it will play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon for you…and yes I’ve tried Myrna Loy, Clarke Gable, Fatty Arbuckle, Laurence Olivier and many others to try and catch it out….it still works….sorry for the aside).

  3. Haha! Very clever! Great way to tie the challenge to what you wanted to do!

    And actually, exoticism was extremely fashionable in the 1920s – with a lot of Egyptian inspired snake motifs and jewellery, and a lot of middle eastern inspired prints (not a lot of paisley, but oh well), plus, the broken lines of your blouse fabric have a real Fauvist/Cubist thing going. Your can imagine Bakst or Goncharova doing something with it for a Ballet Russes costume, or it being based of something Anni Albers did at Bauhaus. So great way to be ever so subtly and unexpectedly 1920s!

  4. If I were you, I would wear this every day!!!! It is so incredibly cool on you and as far as fitting into the Gatsby challenge: what Leimomi said. (I feel as though she could design an entire semester’s course around the above paragraph!)

  5. I’ve said many times before and this is no exception, you are the queen of pants making! These are so cool! I appreciate all the information that Leimomi added. You can authentically place yourself in the 20’s as a daring rebel!

  6. Way to own the challenge! Those pants are fantastic.