Hot! “My Blue Heaven” Skirt and Blouse

Does the fabric I used for this skirt look familiar? It’s the same fabric I used for my “Rebel Rebel” pants. I had quite a bit leftover. I love the print and color so much I could easily make a coat out of it as well (and a bag and…).  I just have to be careful not to wear the skirt and pants in the same week though not too many people around here notice those kind of things.

I used Vogue 1284. Here’s a picture for you so you can see what it’s supposed to look like-

It’s a pretty easy piece to make if you’re comfortable with welt pockets. I did my own thing with the lining-finishing the hem and front slit then tacking it into place here and there. The side slit was a little too high for me so I adjusted that by about an inch and a half.

For some reason I had a bit of trouble with this blouse. I had a headache that lasted for days so maybe that was why. It was all going along fine until I noticed that I had sewn the sleeves on the wrong sides. I had already finished the seams so there was no going back there. It looks and fits just fine so I didn’t stress it but this meant that the sleeve plackets were in front instead of on the side. At first I thought I’d just close them up (since they opened up at the seam where the two sleeve pieces came together) then readjust the pleats and add plackets in the right place but I decided to keep them as is and sew zippers there instead. This worked out really well and saved me some misery down the line since I realized later that I only bought enough buttons for the front. Sewing the collar on presented it’s own set of problems. Just simple little mistakes here and there that made it take twice as long as it should have. I just wasn’t all there I guess. Despite all the problems I’m really happy with the way it turned out in the end. My plan was to make a simple button down blouse and as I was slowly working my way through it it dawned on me that there is nothing simple about making a button down blouse.

The only deliberate change I made was extending the points of the collar a bit. The change is so small it’s hardly worth mentioning but somehow it makes a difference.

The Facts:

Patterns: Vogue 1284 and McCall’s 6124

Year: Current

Fabric: python print french denim from stash and 2yds lightweight blend $2.75

Notions: 3-7in zippers $1.50 and 8 small buttons $1 3/4 yd interfacing $2.75

Time to Make: Many hours over 4 days. I worked slow because I was out of sorts.

First Worn and Wear Again: I wore it today like this for church. I will definitely be wearing these pieces again-together and separate

Total Price: $8





Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. So very, very cool. What was it about this last week? I think we were ALL out of sorts. Your photos are amazing : )

    • Thank you Loran. Yeah-I honestly think fall and winter are not my best seasons health wise. I’ll have to do my best to fight through my desire to hibernate.

      My husband is a great photographer and my biggest fan. He’s up for anything so it makes it easier.

  2. Great photos! Love that rich blue!

  3. I just saw that pattern a few minutes ago on the vogue pattern site. All their patterns are only $5.00! I didn’t buy this one though. I considered the top but hadn’t really noticed the skirt. I like what you did with your extra fabric. Your skirt really rocks.. Love your photo layout, you are getting so good at making editorial layouts. A fashion magazine should scoop you up!

    • I should take advantage of that sale-there are a couple I’ve had my eye on. Thanks for the kind words. If I trust myself and let myself go it works. I usually feel so stiff though. I’m getting there-

  4. Sometimes mistakes make the garment way more interesting, I like that the sleeve seams are facing the wrong way. That first shot is rad.

    • I find that the mistakes sometimes take me in directions that are more interesting. They also challenge us more. In the end we are in charge of our own style-we have the final word on who we are.

  5. I so agree with Kazzthespazz! Never be afraid to make mistakes. Interesting details may come right out of it. If you have seen the Stella McCartney dress which Kate Middleton wore on a visit to the National Portrait Gallery. The waist darts was sewn visble on the outside, a mistake that I make sometimes when I started sewing. I had to keep on reminding myself that I have to sew from the wrong side. Look, it became a designer detail now!

    Anyhows, I love the composition of the photos! Really good work.

    • Thank you Tiffany! I think it’s important to stick to our vision. Not listens to others who say it’s not right or it has to be done “this way”. If we make mistakes and they look OK then it really is OK. Just be sure to rock it when you wear it.

  6. These photos are amazing. Your outfit is so rad. You look fantastic!

    • Thanks Bethany! I would love to wear this outfit a couple more times before it gets too cold. It has definitely been one of my favorites so far.

  7. You are the coolest. I would be eeked out posing on a grate like that. Button down shirts are one of the few items of clothing I would rather pay too much money for than take time to make, sweating over the details. Nice work, especially with the sleeve zippers idea. Hope you’re feeling better.

    • I’m surprised it didn’t mess up my skirt. Sometimes I get the funniest ideas in my head-wish I had more money to make them a reality.

      I think the fact that I can make them makes me hold back on spending the money. I think I would spend more on RTW chiffon though-that is so hard to work with!

  8. You look amazing in that dark blue color!! And, as usual, fantastic pictures! I just had the mother of all migraines that totally fried my thinking, so I hear you on that note. Hope you’re well, now!

    • I read about your migraine-I’m glad you’re felling better.

      The lighting really worked to my advantage. Sometimes my skin turns a bit orange in the editing. Here I could edit more because my skin was so pale. I credit my husband with the photos. He knows how to work the angles.

  9. I LOVE that skirt fabric! Another fabulous success, despite the sleeve seams. You are sooooo cool!

  10. Awesome! I love that you love this fabric so much, and have so much of it. I can’t wait to see what you did with the other bits (it could become a sew-weekly tradition!).