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It’s The Great Gatsby challenge, a challenge admittedly I’m not too fond of, a challenge so far from my personal style it’s not funny however, I’m on a mission, a mission to sew a garment a week for a year and I’m sure there will be more of these challenges that don’t fit my personal style and will have to find an inexpensive way to get through them or just be more creative. So, here I am submitting to you my Gatsby dress made straight from my tablecloth, pulled from the depths of my linen closet. | Great Gatsby

If you really think about it not too much effort went into this, I chose the centre of the tablecloth to be the main focal point of the dress, and worked my way from there. Is it just me or would you say this has an art deco-ish feel about it with the squares and what not? meh! maybe not. | Great Gatsby

I went straight for the classic 1920’s silhouette, a very unflattering cut for my body shape, I was too lazy to research to find an alternative to this challenge so I shall shut my whinging right now. I’m sure we can all agree that these style of dresses are really made for the thin slender Olive Oil type ladies. This dress really looks terrible and after what feels like a memory card full of photos to sift through these were the best, it was that hard to photograph I couldn’t wait to get back to the car to take the thing off. I felt terribly matronly in it but do feel I’ve met the challenge. What do you think? | Great Gatsby

The sleeves I made from the corners of the tablecloth and the bottom was a trimmed up section from the outside of the tablecloth which I removed the edging and used it for the collar. The back seam I had overlapped and trimmed up so both pieces lay flat and in unison to one another. It passes the Mena Test™ with a one button closure at the neck. | Great Gatsby

This dress is seriously wearing me, it doesn’t matter how bad-ass I try to look she’s got it over me big-time and quite frankly she can take the thing and run, far far a w a y.

Thanks for reading :)

Dazed and Confused-Led Zeppelin.


The Facts

Fabric | Tablecloth

Pattern | self drafted
Year | 1920’s
Notions | 1 button
Time to complete | about an hour
First worn | for the photos
Wear again? N E V E R
Total price | thrifted- I cant remember I’ve had it in the cupboard for years.



Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. I did wonder what you were going to do for this challenge, and it didn’t seem obviously Kazz! I thought you would go for the exoticism aspect of 1920s fashion (I can totally see you making a cloche hat that looks like an Indian snake charmer basket with the snake peeping out), or perhaps ‘Dazzle’ camouflage.

    I actually LOVE this dress, and if you don’t want it you can send it over to me ;-) I can see how its not your style, but its so clever! Colour me impressed.

  2. First, I really like this and I think it’s a great Kazz interpretation of the challenge. Second, and this is coming from someone who wore doilies, remember: DYE IT!!!! If you think it looks matronly, dye it a Kazzy color and throw a belt on it. I think you could totally make this something you would wear. I know the cut isn’t your favorite, but I really don’t think it looks as bad as you think on you. ;)

    • Thanks Erin, your idea to dye this dress is definitely on the cards. The fabric should dye great methinks. There’s a UFO approaching I’m thinking of reinventing it with everyones ideas thrown into the mix. Sounds like a plan.

  3. It’s not all bad…I love those tights!

  4. Oh shut it you… matter how miffed you try and look in those photo, you’re still Kazz and you still look ace. I totally disagree with it being as bad a shape on you as you think, because you’ve been clever and the diamond on the front makes the dress look like it has a normal height waist. You’ve made a tablecloth optical illusion dress….you watch they’ll be all over Stella McCartney’s collection next year! You should chop the arms off, dye it like Erin says, stick your button neckpiece on the top and a turban, and some biker boots. Don’t send the tablecloth dress to death row yet! Freedom for tablecloth dress!

    • Oh I know I’m a right old batty whiney doofus hey? You always know what to say Tempest I shall take your wise words and move in the right direction with a remake of this dress for the UFO that’s coming up. thanks lovely.

  5. Kazz – You took lemons and made lemonade. I agree that 20’s style dress are difficult for a lot of women, but I actually like what you did with your table cloth! Its a great example of using the fabric for full advantage. Its actually quite on trend, considering that a lot of designers are using elaborate fabric designs that frame the body. Just like your table cloth. :)

  6. You are SO Theda Bara… and I think you did well with this challenge. Remember, those flapper dolls were the punks of their time and their influence carries on thru the ages. I Love the patterning of the tablecloth; it reminds me of a kilim rug. The exotic east, both near and far (and lace) was pretty popular during this era, so it fits in nicely with the theme. The shape may not be what you’re used to, but I think you look just great.

    • Wow Pepper Reed, Theda Bara?? now why didn’t I channel her? she’s a total fox. If only I had heard of her before hand.

      Yes yes I can totally see the Kilim rug within the pattern you are so right. I’m glad to of completed the challenge with everyones approval.

  7. I totally agree with Erin, impressive interpretation and I humbly will say that you totally succeeded. All you probably have to put some more “Kazz spice”: enough to please you, so you can wear it happily.

  8. I agree with all the other commenters above. This dress looks good on you and yes, if it’s not totally your style you should try to make it your style with dye, belt or whatever. I also think it’s quite flattering for you. You have such pretty slim legs that you can show off with this dress…But if you really can’t get used to it, I could totally relate to how you feel. I am not a fan of the 20s fashion at all (and unlike you I simply decided not to try it all – well, the other reason is that I am just swamped with work right now…) and I am also convinced that this fashion wasn’t made for my shape…and I have to admit that – if I actually wore a flapper dress – I still wouldn’t like it even if people kept telling me how good it looks on me. Just not my style. So maybe, if you really can’t get used to this dress, you should really send it to Leimomi. ;)
    In any case, you did a very good job with this challenge and I think you interpreted it in a way that it actually is very Kazz, even if you don’t think so yourself. ;)

  9. I agree, you really pulled it off, even if you don’t especially like it. I bet you could Kazz it up at some point. I actually like the lacy art-deco style of the front,but not the neck or sleeves. So, since you’re thinking about tossing it, I have some ideas for you. I would get rid of the sleeves and cut a square neck. Go with more of a sassy flapper style. What do you think?

  10. Hi, there! Just adore you, and I agree with everyone that you can definitely pull it off; you are one of those women who simply owns it when it comes to fashion! If you are really not going to wear it, though, I definitely think you should share it with someone else — because like it or not, you are incapable of making something that does not have style, this piece included. And I love the idea of Kazz Designs spreading around the world!

  11. Even with a style that is not you , you still made out of the box full of personality.

  12. I think it’s really kind of pretty! (This from a woman who stole her mother’s formal tablecloth to make a lace cape for Halloween a long time ago.) You could dye it a bloody scarlet, and keep the stockings, which utterly rock this dress. I think you look fly! Especially pictures 2, 3, & 4 above.

  13. I LOVE this! I would wear it in a heartbeat with boots. Sorry you’re not enamored. I agree the 20s silhouette is a challenge. I’m no Olive Oil, but even on the petite/straight side I still felt frumpy in mine. Wish my attempt had come out looking this good.

  14. I am with Barbara, cut the turtle neck off and show us your beautiful tattooed flesh! The pattern of the lace lends itself to a square neckline. I would dye it black. I loved your Gatsby challenge of last year – that was phenominal. I think the colour is killing it. It is so dull. What about some bugle beads to pick up those details. It could be a beautiful thing for next year’s remodel challange if you sit and bead it on the Tram to work!! x

  15. I actually think this dress looks great, apart from the sleeves. The rest of the dress, with the lovely geometric shapes looks fabulous. As others have suggested, I would get rid of the sleeves and maybe dye it a more “you” colour.

  16. Thanks everyone for all of your encouraging comments. The UFO challenge is fast approaching I’m thinking of using everyones ideas to help spice up this dress so I’ll wear it. Thanks for the handy hints, lets see what comes of it :) Have a great week all.

  17. Now I know what to do with a crocheted table cloth! I know what you mean by having a challenge that just isn’t your personality. Boy, have I been through a number of those. Yet, you still throw in your Kazz creativity with the tough ones. I am greatly impressed with your skill and talent. Even though it is not your thing, and you will never wear it again, you still did it the Kazz way. With creativity.

  18. I think I’ll just say “Ditto” to what everyone else said : ) Don’t send it to the rubbish bin, I know you can Kazzify it.

  19. I think you did a great job, considering the era. I agree that it looks art-deco-y. I took the easy way out and totally skipped the challenge. Way to hang in there.

  20. i think you’re absolutely amazing. throw it in a blood red dye bath, grab your turquoise belt and 3,000 bangles, and wear it every day.

  21. I love those tights! It kind of reminds me of late 70s meets the 20s, with the 20s silhouette but with all the details of 70s rock and roll.

  22. I agree: tea stain it or dye it, add a girdle with beads and feathers (and matching headdress, bien sûr) and you’ll be the life of the speakeasy!